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Any Tips for Squirrel hunting?I am going to try Squirrel hunting with a bow this November and was wondering if you have any tips

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  • Any Tips for Squirrel hunting?I am going to try Squirrel hunting with a bow this November and was wondering if you have any tips

    Any Tips for Squirrel hunting?I am going to try Squirrel hunting with a bow this November and was wondering if you have any tips or recipes? Thanks allot for the help, And SAFE HUNTING, Seth Trudeau

  • #2 are most likely going to miss some shots so don't get down on yourself about it. Don't take any dumb shots(more challenging than it sounds). When you see a squirrel sitting there 15 feet away on top of a branch it is really tempting to take a shot, but you will most likely lose your arrow. Personally I would smear some peanut butter or something along a fallen tree branch or rock on the ground and sit and wait for a safe shot(won't loose your arrow).


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      Thanks JM I will be sure to try that.
      Seth Trudeau


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        JM had some good tips, I would add that you should check your hunting regs before you try the peanut butter idea, it might be considered illegal baiting in some states. Other than that, just be sure to keep your shots reasonable, i.e, just because you CAN hit a squirrel-sized target at 25-30 yards doesn't mean you will actually hit a real live squirrel at that range.


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          Where have I seen this post before...??!!

          I think you would be wise to use 'flu-flu'-fletched arrows (fletched in such a way as to RETARD the flight of the arrow). That way you won't be quite so prone to lose arrows.

          Also, your use of blunt tipped arrows will also aid in retrieving the arrow, and will result in less damage to the squirrel (that is of course if you hit one!).


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            this is the time of year because they will be on the ground. try hunting from a treestand, sounds crazy but think of all the squirrels you see when deer hunting. and last i just did while bowhunting friday, i used small game tips hit it right in the head. when i went to get to my arrow which he was wraped around he had enoguh life to fight back still. i ended up kicking him off my boot and shoting him 3 more times. so aim for the vitals not the head even with half his face caved in he had plenty of fight left




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