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what traps do you prefer for preadators? Should I use a bodygrip, or coilspring? Top animals include coyote, bobcat, fox, raccoo

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  • what traps do you prefer for preadators? Should I use a bodygrip, or coilspring? Top animals include coyote, bobcat, fox, raccoo

    what traps do you prefer for preadators? Should I use a bodygrip, or coilspring? Top animals include coyote, bobcat, fox, raccoon, and otter. I've been hunting theses animals for three years now, with no luck. Any advice on ideal sets or trap types would be appreciated.

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    For land animals a foot-hold trap is preferred, especially where pets might roam. There are some exceptions where the the use of "bucket" or box-type sets with body grip traps (can be found on the 'net) would be suitable. Land sets for 'coon can be made with both, although the "dogproof" trap is gaining in popularity (can be found on the 'net also.).

    For otter, the #330 and #220 body grips are populer for water sets. Where it might not be practical to use them, then the leg hold trap.

    Some states...but NOT all of them...also allow snares (my state doesn't). Check with your local F & G Officers.

    As to the actual sets, I recommend getting some trapping books. Many are available from Fur-Fish-Game magazine (for example), other trapping mags or your library, as are CDs on same. Also see if there is a local Trapper's Organization near you.


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      - For coyotes, anything from a #1.75 coilspring to a #4 coilspring can be used, as well as #3 and #4 longsprings. My personal preference is for #2 and #3 coils, although I use #1.75s where there is a chance a domestic dog could get into it.
      - For bobcats, basically the same as for coyotes ^^.
      - For fox, #1.5 and #1.75 coils are best, although #2s can be used where a coyote catch is likely. #2 longsprings are also good.
      - For raccoons, #1.5 coils and #11 longsprings are the best choices, and you can also use #220 and #160 bodygrips, WHERE LEGAL. Also, NEVER use bodygrips where there is a chance a domestic dog or cat could get into it.
      - For otters, I don't use footholds a lot, but when I do I use #4 coils. #5 coils and #4 and #5 longsprings will also work well. #220 and #280 bodygrips are good for otters.
      - They weren't one of your choices, but snares work very well for all of these animals, except otters. The problem with snares is that some draconian states don't allow them, so check your regulations before use.
      - As far as actual set-making goes, I really think you would be best served by either attending a trapper-education course, or by having an experienced trapper give you a hands-on demonstration of some of the common sets, you will learn much faster that way than by just having someone tell you how to do it. If you don't know who to contact, your local conservation officer should be able to put you in touch with someone who could show you the ropes.
      - Good luck!


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        -Bob+huntfish covered it pretty well.
        -The internet is full of information. I would suggest going on YouTube and watching some guides to trapping videos or reading up on trapping. People do not realize how challenging trapping is until they attempt to do it themselves. It's not just setting up a trap and coming back the next day to find an animal caught in it.




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