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I know it’s early, but after Iowa’s inaugural Mourning Dove season, I’m already counting days to the Sept. 1 opener. All of my h

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  • I know it’s early, but after Iowa’s inaugural Mourning Dove season, I’m already counting days to the Sept. 1 opener. All of my h

    I know it’s early, but after Iowa’s inaugural Mourning Dove season, I’m already counting days to the Sept. 1 opener. All of my hunting last year was pass-shooting next to a small pond bordered by grain fields. I had some great shooting, but I’d like to try to decoy them this year. I recently got a Mojo dove and 10 decoys and would really appreciate any suggestions on using them.

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    Get several mojo decoys and place them around your still decoys on the ground in a circular pattern. You will have kamakaze doves coming in at mach2 to land in your spread. I think I love dove hunting more than any other hunting, I just wish it didn't end so soon.


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      I'm looking forward to Septembers dove season too. I will be getting decoys this year for certain.


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        watch the terrain and how the doves normaly fly. place your decoys where they can be seen ,and set up so when you knock a bird down he falls in the clear,resist high flyers they sometimes come back for a better shot opourtunity.if several birds fly across from you shoot the rear bird first and swing onto the next bird.downed birds should be retrieved immediately,keep your eye on where they fell.I refrain from shooting birds if they might fall where finding them is diffulcult.I have often used my dead birds in my decoy set up. keep the sun to your back if possible.lots of limits under a box of shells.try them bar b qued and you'll only prepare that way from now on . good luck and be safe


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          Never had much luck with decoys on the ground because the corn stubble really makes them hard to see, but, tie one to a rod and reel and lob it over a power line and you will pull doves from a long way. Never mind that the decoy's back is under the line, the doves haven't figured it out and still come.
          What's amazing is that they will fly through a gauntlet of gunfire to get to the line. Glad you boys can finally enjoy the sport I have enjoyed all of my life here in Alabama.




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