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i am hunting coyotes this year with a 243 loaded with 87gr HPBT i have a swfa ss 10x42 scope on my gun with this set up i am get

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  • i am hunting coyotes this year with a 243 loaded with 87gr HPBT i have a swfa ss 10x42 scope on my gun with this set up i am get

    i am hunting coyotes this year with a 243 loaded with 87gr HPBT i have a swfa ss 10x42 scope on my gun with this set up i am getting 1/2in groups at 100yds now i have been shooting at longer ranges with this gun (600 to 700yds) and can hit a milk jug very consistently at those ranges. anyways on to the question my range finder is having a hard time getting the range its a nikon 1200 and it really ticks me off when i have a coyote out there and i can't get a dumb reading from my range finder now should i start using the mildots in my scope to range? if so what is the average width of a coyote from the belly to the top of the back? or should i keep trying to get a reading from my range finder? any ideas as to why it is having such a hard time? thanks!

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    start ranging the distances before hand with land marks if the spots you go to are a regular routine, otherwise I'd start training my eye to roughly range distances by sight and use your scope.


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      I agree with Yoda. Sit down and find the distance of a rock, bush, etc so that you will always have a general idea of how far away the coyote is when you compare it to the rock or whatever you mark.


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        i forgot to say that i do mostly spot and stalk so i am usually not in the same spot twice


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          That's a tough one.....maybe set up decoys or different targets at different distances(500+ yards) and just guess the distance when you shoot until you are getting good at guessing? Best I can think of. Make sure you move them around/don't shoot in same order. Start with a big target and gradually go smaller.


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            best method is to know by sight your average distance. You may not always have the opportunity to put a range finder on the animal, by being able to judge by eye you'll put more dogs on the ground




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