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I've become interested in trapping but have no clue where to start. Has anyone done it? Any tips for a beginner interested in tr

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  • I've become interested in trapping but have no clue where to start. Has anyone done it? Any tips for a beginner interested in tr

    I've become interested in trapping but have no clue where to start. Has anyone done it? Any tips for a beginner interested in trapping?

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    First get you a copy of Jim Spencers book Guide To Trapping.Also find out if your state has a trappers association they should be able to put you in contact with someone in your area that is willing to mentor you. My son and I have been trapping for several years and it is our favorite outdoor activety.


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      Watch videos about trapping on would be surprised how much useful information you will be able to find.


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        Most DNR offices require a trapping license,and they also offer beginer trapper courses.I'd contact the closest branch of DNR in your area.


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          I would contact your state trapper's association, they should be able to either give you some start-up advice themselves, or get you in touch with someone who could show you the ropes. Good luck!


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            I usually don't trek very fer,
            when all around me weasels are.


            Today, the smart weasel trapper uses cubbies...typically an enclosed wooden box, with a weasel-sized hole in one end. The bait/lure goes in the back, and the trap is placed where the weasel going in the hole for the bait will step into the trap.

            The other end of this box...or sometimes the top...are made to be opened up to retrieve the weasel and bait/re-bait the set.

            "Typical" cubby boxes might be six inches square and at least one foot long.

            The hole would go approximately in the center of one end of the box (if six inches square).

            A photo in a trapping book written by old-time trapper V.E. Lynch shows him with an interesting morning's catch of quite a few weasels.


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              Somehow, I thought your trapping interest was about weasels...!! Guess my brain was on flame-out for a minute.

              So, to amend my reply below, I'll suggest getting a few books on trapping from your library, ordered through Fur-Fish-Game Magazine (very popular re: trapping), or books and mags. advertised on the internet.

              Many states also have trapper orginazations, and some have their own trapping mags and even schools for trappers.




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