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I am an avid varmit hunter. I use a 220 Swift with a 55 grain hornady vmax bullet. Why isn't the Swift a popular cabilar among o

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  • I am an avid varmit hunter. I use a 220 Swift with a 55 grain hornady vmax bullet. Why isn't the Swift a popular cabilar among o

    I am an avid varmit hunter. I use a 220 Swift with a 55 grain hornady vmax bullet. Why isn't the Swift a popular cabilar among other professional varmit hunters. I watch outdoor shows on predetor hunting and read on predetor hunting and have never seen the Swift mentioned. Can you give me any info?

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    The 220 swift is an awesome varmint cartridge. Its full potential is achieved by careful handloading. It obtained a reputation as a "barrel burner" back in the 1940's from handloaders that pushed it too far. Todays' bullets and powders allow the Swift to have acceptable barrel life. Many varmint shooters use the .223 due to its over-the-counter convenience. I have a 220 Swift that I have taken many hundreds of groundhogs up to 500 yds. After 35+ years, I still break it out when I want some "serious" varminting. When my 220 Swift finally starts to show a loss in accuracy, a new barrel will be the my choice, but I don't expect that to happen for some time.


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      The venerable Swift is an awesome round. I think the primary reason that a lot of guys bypass it is that .223 and 22-250 ammo can be bought in bulk, cheaply, but then you end up with cheap ammo with varying degrees of inaccuracy.
      From my observations, and I've put a lot of rounds down range from all 3 calibers, the Swift wind drifts much less and shoots flatter, especially holding an edge over the .223. This is mostly with factory ammo, and handloads would make a difference.
      I've shot everything from gophers to whitetails with my Swift, and I'll stand by it as a great, efficient, accurate caliber.


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        On coyote/bobcat size critters, 220 swift or 22-250, 243, are excellent choices. 223 is affective out to about 225 yards. If you are a reloader (for better accuracy), the swift will "chew up" brass quicker than 22-250,243,223. 220swift, 22-250, 243 are my choice because they afford better down range benefits. i.e. they get-r-done.




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