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  • Favorite hunting story

    Got a favorite hunting story? Favorite quote from the story? Favorite author?

    Mine is "Nothing to do for three weeks," by Gordon MacQuarrie. I didn't know this until I read an article about the author, but it was about the first solo hunt after the author's mentor and father-in-law had passed. I did pick up on the melancholy of the story though. Maybe that's why I liked it.

    Favorite quote, although there are a few of them:

    "There is much to be said in behalf of the solitary way of hunting and fishing. It lets people get acquainted with themselves. Do not feel sorry for the man on his own.If he is one who plunges into all sorts of work, if he does not dawdle, if he does not dwell upon his aloneness, he will get many things done and have a fine time doing them."

    I've also found that there are two versions of the story. I read the first in the F & S collection of "great stories" or something. Later, I bought an original volume that had the story in it. The newer one had a line about picking up a package of bacon from a butcher shop, left in the door before the shop was open by arrangement. Always like that line too.

    Then too is the bit about pine'll have to read it yourself to get that one.

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    Kinda tough to beat “The Old Man and the Boy” overall.

    Off the top of my head one that stands out was a piece Bill Heavey did as a feature in F&S, called “The Lion Dogs”. I can’t explain why but there was just something about it that stuck with me.

    I have a pile of F&S back issues down in the man cave, might be time to dig a few out and refresh my memory a bit. That or start checking out some of books in several boxes that were given to the Kid by a family friend.

    Might have to look up the one you mentioned as well. I have F&S’s “Greatest Hunting Stories Ever Told” and I believe another similarly titled collection.
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      This is the one I have.
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        My "favorite" hunting stories include my grampa and my dad! 🙂

        But to just sit down and read something someone else penned, it would have to be P. H. Capstick.
        He and Gene Hill.
        Great stories.


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          I can’t even narrow it to favorite author let alone storyline ​🤷🏻


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            Originally posted by Amflyer View Post
            This is the one I have.
            I’ll keep and eye out for that one, this thread just made me dig these back out along with a few O’Connor books.


            So far I’ve been a bit underwhelmed by JOC. Dunno if it’s the hype or just the stories I have read.


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              I read Death in the Tall Grass, but the stories started to make me wonder if they were on the up-and-up? Maybe I'm just a skeptic.
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                I don't do well with writing that gets very "descriptive".
                I tried reading some T. Roosevelt writings. Couldn't stay connected.
                Gene Hill's stories are relatively short. I can stay "tuned" that long.
                Capstick has me laughing, sweating bullets or on the edge of my seat.
                "Interactive writing" I'd call it!




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