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  • Squirrels

    E8E011B6-6FFB-4EFD-B600-F15460867EB4.jpg So, in a nutshell, squirrels have been tough. Most the hickories aborted their nuts end of July before they ripened (drought?) so the squirrels were scattered. Good success means long walks so that leaves me out.
    Ticks got E bad around his toes. Subsequent blood infection and fevers put him in hospital for a few days.Ugly scars. Next time peroxide instead of scratching with dirty fingernails?
    Put a Bushnell Prime 3x12 on my BMR but have not hunted it yet. Carrying a 20ga in the woods.(twice my 10/22 but didn’t get any shooting with it)
    My BMR. Talleys of course. Stay safe

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    Squirrel season opened here yesterday. Something for me to think about doing yet again. Been puttering around with clean out projects since we dropped the Kid off, trying to find a new routine I guess. Pre season deer stuff to do this weekend but it shouldn’t take up all my free time so maybe I’ll take the CZ up.

    Will be looking for a report on the Bushnell and better luck with the squirrels. Please give my best regards to “E”.


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      Fitch: Will do. The scope is heavy, but then a BMR isn’t light, just compact, 2 different things. My 4x just wasn’t getting all the accuracy the gun was capable of. Just ask my former BMR buddy.
      Haven’t seen much of E this summer. He can cover more ground than me. I got ticked and chiggered up a few times early on so we been doing our own thing as well.
      Cooler weather will get me back to the range. No teal this year for me. I just don’t enjoy hunting warm weather ducks. They smell, the water smells, I smell.


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        Squirrel season in OK used to be open 365 days a year. Now it's May 15th until Jan 1st.
        I cut my teeth hunting squirrels with my dad and grampa.
        Ate many meals of squirrel & dumplings, smothered squirrel and fried squirrel.
        Last squirrel I ate was good, but it just was no longer enjoyable. So I just quit hunting them.


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          Originally posted by FirstBubba View Post
          Ate many meals of smothered squirrel.

          Last squirrel I ate was good, but it just was no longer enjoyable.

          Try shooting them and maybe you won’t feel so bad.



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            BMR looks so amazing. Good luck for you.




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