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    Are you kidding me ?????? CB5939D9-8BE1-42AB-B029-AD2330C9DBE5.jpg



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      So I’ll explain a bit. My eldest aunt passed away last year and her family is selling the camp she owned on Saratoga Lake. This reunion is a last hurrah of sorts. Another aunt and uncle also had a camp here just a couple minutes walk away. As a kid I’d spend a week here with them every summer for several years. Tons of great memories fishing here with my uncle. First guy I’d heard drop F-bomb,s, only on the boat when he’d miss a strike.

      Caught a lot of great bluegills, sunfish and some walleye off the point on the left.

      Great times.




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        Hey, that's a pretty good way to toast some good memories. Have a belt of the f*****g Blantons for me!

        Currently out in the Rocky Mountains, by way of the Oregon trail. Too many people, but nice weather.
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          About the Blantons, the guy that brought all three bottles married in to the family about ten years ago. Lives in the DC Beltway and drives an all electric BMW to give you an idea. He brought the whisky to share but was talked into putting the Blantons in our annual family auction.

          The auction started out in the early 90’s as a way to cover food expenses for the host. It generally consists of things like baked and canned goods, crafts and family memorabilia but almost every year there’s some sort of big ticket item that comes up. It’s all a game, folks purposely run each other up on the more desirable stuff. It works like a charity fundraiser. Anyway two of the gals there got in a bidding war and ran it up to $270. Good number but out of my league for a stunt. The winner is giving it to a friend and former coworker who’s retiring next week.

          I was told the Courage and Conviction bottle is an American take on Scotch. Maybe it’s blasphemy but the stuff was very nice. Noticeably different from the Buffalo Trace but I’d be hard pressed to pick one over the other.

          Hope you’re having a great time!




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