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    Some of the guys on the 24 are pretty funny. Some are not too bright. As w any forum, dont take it too seriously.

    Initially some misread what I posted and busted my chops. I ripped em a new one and its ben smooth since. Got a couple on ignore, that helps.

    Some pretty funny crap when libs try to start stuff
    Couple guys have a schtick going, can be a hoot.

    Worth the annoyance of a few. IMHO


    • #17
      The guy that owned the cool lab .....i suspect he has passed on.

      They were a good team, enjoyed catching up on seasons/ stories waiting outside the office pre hunt.

      Polish or scandanavian last name, cant remember what it was vut if I saw it id know it.

      Hell my dads bud I fished with hunted deer up there and I met some of his friends. Theyve all been gone a decade or more.

      Two decades. Yeessh.

      Old guys were cool, many worked at same plant as me. Big plant. Lots of hunters and fishermen and many from down south.

      Ran into one of the old bow club guys yesterday. At the LGS......said he was turning 75 next month.


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        Only know one guy on 24hr campfire personally. Didnt know he was on there til I saw a thread about Ruger single shots. Shot IHMSA when pops and I did.
        and worked same place.

        Have PMd maybe 3 people on there, all good dudes.
        One grew up bot far from where i live, hence discussing the area

        Other two are good dudes that pull no punches. Crack me up.

        Dunno if we will do a hunt down the road or not


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          It really is hell to get old. The old fella that ran my favorite gun shop died not long ago.(natural causes not Covid) Place is already bulldozed. Doing dirt work, looks like for a house. Missed the cleaning out. He was a smith since the 50's, opened the store in '69 I think. Lots of drawers and cubbies in the back. Would have loved to got to snoop.


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            Originally posted by dewman View Post

            If you would have put your birds together IN THE FIELD here in Missouri it would have cost you around $400 each in fines. Can't mix bags in Missouri. I've seen the write ups with my own eyes. Whether fish or game, if you mix your take together and it exceeds ONE limit, you all get a ticket. Wrote about it on either here or F&S before. It was our UPS driver last one I seen get the ticket. And his dove hunting compadres.☹️
            In Ontario we each had one of those wire fish baskets for our own catch. They take that pretty seriously up there as well.


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              Originally posted by dewman View Post
              Been spending more and more time on 24 hour campfire. Those guys run the spectrum. I'm mostly on the small game or classifieds. I enjoy the campfire but I've no desire to toss banter with those boys. Above my pay grade.
              Same here, and after a couple years I’m still trying to figure them out.




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