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What are you hunting with this season? Pics please!

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    Three deer seasons, three main choices. Throw in a couple shotguns for birds and maybe a Rem 788 22-250 if I specifically go out for coyotes.

    Deer rigs:

    Mathews Switchback, Cabela’s StalkerXtreme arrows, Muzzy 125gr 3 blade broadheads.

    Rem 700 BDL .270 Back in its original stock after last years Elk hunt in Montana. Bushnell Elite 4200 3-9x40, probably using Winchester Combined Technologies 130 gr Ballistic Silvertips.

    CVA Optima .50cal, Philippines made Vortex Diamondback 2-7x35, Blackhorn 209 powder probably pushing a T/C 240 gr XTP. This ones still unfired as of yet but all ready to be sighted in.

    As to the site, yeah most of us lately are F&S refugees looking to stay out of the nonsense over there. Didn’t hurt that originally both sites were somewhat linked, not sure about now. Maybe that’s why the spam hasn’t hit here (yet?🤐).

    My take on why F&S did better originally was because of the GunNuts and Bill Heavey’s Blogs, both were very active and had good followings. They pulled people in that landed in Answers as well with topics often spinning off the blog posts. Whatever the reason for the changes made it hasn’t been for the better.


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      pighunter wrote:

      "... I'm probably leaving the AR at home this hunting season. Going to hoard the ammo instead of using it for practice or hunting. ..."

      Can't shoot worth a hoot left handed!
      Shoulder STILL isn't up to fixed action recoil.
      I've tried the 6.8mm right handed. Recoil is acceptable!
      Thank you Jesus for AR's! LOL!


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        Bow: Blackwidow HS recurve, 54#@28", 58" limbs.
        Goldtip Hunter XT 340 w 125 gr Cutthroat single bevel and 50 gr added to insert.

        Rifle: undecided. If its rainy- .308 Ruger M77 MkII all weather w Trijicon Accupoint 3-9x. Have yet to blood my Steyr Prohunter 3006. Leupold 3.5-10x. swapped scopes on the old 760 in .35 rem, havent zeroed it yet. Ammo: 35 rem is Hornady 200gr, .308 is Hornady 150gr and the .3006 is 150gr WW

        Am sitting in my Jeep by the woods. Windy and an hr before sunrise. Not looking good.


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          Originally posted by PigHunter View Post

          Impressive. What caliber are your centerfire bolt-actions?
          Sorry PH, didn't see your question. 30-06 & 7-08


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            Originally posted by dewman View Post
            Sorry PH, didn't see your question. 30-06 & 7-08
            No worries. Excellent cartridges!


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              Will likely take a Cooper Backcountry out to see if I can shoot a deer with it. I load the 300 win mags down to 2750 fps to match a 30-06 level loading. With a big heavy scope it's still just a bit over 7 lbs, so it does recoil some with the brake removed...and I have no interest in hunting with muffs.

              Backup will be a 270 Win I just aquired, and probably a 45-70 lever SBL set in scout configuration.

              Being a picky trophy hunter last year and with two hungry boys that love venison means I'm looking for a couple of deer this year. And much less picky, too.




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