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President Trump says the economy is running on all cylinders.

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  • President Trump says the economy is running on all cylinders.

    Is every able body person working ? Is now a good time to possibly move up a step on the ladder and change jobs to a better opportunity ?
    Do you have additional training in your position ?
    To those in School, are you studying for a position that is hiring ?
    I am retired but think this is a very exciting time in the employment arena. I have never in 60 years of working years seen it as good as it is right now. Good Luck to all.

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    Is every able body person working?
    - No, some are either too lazy to work or too dependent on their drugs to get a good job.

    Is now a good time to possibly move up a step on the ladder and change jobs to a better opportunity?
    - It all depends on the individual situation. I'm the senior electrical engineer in the office and have it pretty good. So, it wouldn't make sense for me to change jobs right now. The engineering services business tends to lag the general economy and opportunities are steadily becoming more abundant. So, there will be better chances for me to jump ship after things settle down from the mid-term elections. But I'll stay if my raise next month is at least 3%

    Do you have additional training in your position ?
    - I'm required to have additional training each year just to maintain my professional licenses. Almost every day I'm learning something new in order to stay up to date with new technologies and methods.

    I've seen better times than this back in the late 80's when we had a larger manufacturing base.


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      Trump has been wasting time on his own defense, fighting accusations made by the democrats and the liberal media.
      I like Trump even with all the distractions. ?
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