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What extra protection to you give to your outside dogs in these cold conditions?

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    Originally posted by Ontario Honker Hunter View Post
    My three hunting dogs live in the house. If anything it makes them better in the field. When you live with a dog, the two of you are compelled to become intellectually bonded. It's a hard thing to describe. My dogs know how I think and I know how they think. It's just natural when you live together. I also think it helps a lot to have more than one dog (though three is a bit over the top). They keep each other entertained when you're too busy to do it. This is especially important for high energy breeds like my little French Brittany.

    The dogs and I go back to Montana every year for six weeks to hunt pheasants. No crates for them! I put the back seats down in the Jimmy and move the barrier up so they have the entire cargo area to move around in. It's a 25+ hour drive straight through and I'm not going to stuff them in a box that long. They can also tell me when they need to get out (so I don't have to crawl into the crate and clean it up!). Never had a problem except with my youngest Lab, Ellie. She gets a little wound up sometimes. Chewed off the back seatbelts THREE TIMES. Grrr. I now just keep the tools needed to replace them on board. It's funny how the dogs know exactly where we are on that long trip. The moment I cross the border from North Dakota into Montana the two young dogs put up a fuss. No kidding! I guess they know I only have a license to hunt on the other side. Amazing. Or maybe they can sense the excitement in me when I finally get "home" again. Yes, that's probably it. Intellectually bonded.

    Sometimes it is difficult finding a motel that will take my dogs but I can usually count on Motel 6 (with no extra fees!). A few have even said no because mine are hunting dogs. And I can certainly understand why. I have seen so many kenneled hunting dogs that are just an unruly pain in the arse in a civilized environment.

    My dogs add so much to my life I simply can't imagine living without them in the home. Living with hunting dogs for the last sixty-five years has shaped me as much if not more than the sport itself. And that shaping takes place on a moment by moment, day after day basis ... when they are in the house.

    Edit: The second photo of dogs on the couch at home is Ellie, Coral, and Opal. The order is mixed up in caption.
    They are lucky to have you.


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      Originally posted by jhjimbo View Post
      I have heard dog lovers say if you donate to the ASPCA, donate to your local branch. Donations to the National ASPCA are used up in exuberant high overhead so less money actually gets to the needy animals. Don't know how true it is but something to be aware of.
      You can donate to any animal, does not have to be a hunting dog.


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        Originally posted by Outlaw View Post
        Ours is an inside dog, but being a hunting dog I've had no issues getting him into cold water while training (his first hunt in cold water will be Tuesday). I've been looking for a good duck hunting vest to give him a little extra warmth since he doesn't have a double coat like a lab, but I'm having trouble finding anything to fit a 30lb dog that isn't bright colors.
        You can get spray cans of color for fabric. I saw some at Wal Mart.


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          Ozzie and Macie.
          Ozzie is a Grand Champion in the Agillity Course.
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