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Why do you hunt?

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    There is just no help for me, To quote my Kentucky Shaman -"I'm a serial cervid killer."


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      I treat non-hunters with great respect and courtesy. Try to explain it's my way of life with strong emphasis on procuring organic food independently of food factories. In regards to anti-hunters, they're small minded, violent self-absorbed, and uppity people; hardly worth giving them the time of day.


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        Originally posted by huntfishtrap View Post
        If an anti-hunter or non-hunter asks you why you hunt, what is your answer?
        Argh. A red-tailed perching around the last couple of days. My girls are locked up. I'm sure if I get back in the tree line a bit I'm going to find that chicken plucked and breasted.


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          It's not easy to put into words, but I would have to say that I hunt because eating wild game is a heck of a lot healthier than most store-bought meat. Plus sitting out in the woods beats any reality show I've seen for entertainment.


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            Originally posted by DogSong View Post
            Used to be if a nonhunter asked me that question I just made some kind of joke or smart remark ("Because my therapist said I had to stop killing people...").

            Eventually I realized that people were actually taking me seriously (which again I stress is NEVER a good thing to do) so now I just take a deep breath and say: "For lots of reasons." This in turn usually prompts the question: "Such as..."

            So I try to be honest and put something indescribably beautiful into words. "Well my family has been hunting for at least six generations, and it's a great tradition that connects me to my father and his fathers before him." Then I'll usually follow that up with the variations of the answers you all gave. A love of the outdoors, having my own meat that I worked for and that wasn't just violently butchered by slave labor in some slaughterhouse. Or I say I do it for all of the emotions that go into hunting: adrenaline, sadness, relief, joy, reverence...

            I like to think that by changing my tactics I've convinced a few people on the fence that hunting isn't bad, and that hunters aren't just the drunken redneck stereotypes society makes us out to be. This year I even had one young lady express an interest in going hunting after I gave my answer, and I hope to take her sometime soon.

            And now I'll shut up and get off this soapbox.
            That's some good answers and I may use some of it, thanks!


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              There's four answers - the one for for non-hunters, the one for anti-hunters, the one for other hunters, and the actual.

              For non-hunters I talk of the solitude and beauty of being alone in the woods, of the non game animals that can be observed, and of the challenge of the hunt.

              For anti-hunters I emphasize the game management benefits and control of invasive species such as feral pigs

              For hunters I agree with all they say about getting organic meat for the family at a reduced costs

              The actual reason is pretty much as Charley Elk posted, "I'm a serial cervid killer."




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