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Obviously, wearing hearing protection is standard procedure when target shooting, but how many of you wear some form of it when hunting?

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    Originally posted by MN Outdoorsman View Post
    Here's a pic of me walking by one of my cameras last year. The date and time are obviously wrong. Hopefully in a few years my ears will be better enough where I don't need them while deer or turkey hunting but that day may also never come I'm fully aware. I'm just trying to prevent further damage. One hand reaches up and can slide them down pretty easily. I may spook a few animals but I gotta do what I gotta do. I'll be looking into electronic ones soon.
    I figured someone would be like blaze orange in October deer hunting lol? We do get snow earlier than most but before Novemeber doesn't happen too often (I'm an hour south of metro). As you can see I am really bundled up. Was a coooold November. 7:58 p.m. would be dark that time of year also I think.


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      Originally posted by jcarlin View Post
      I haven't while hunting. I do when mowing the lawn, running a chainsaw, shooting at the range. I've made sure my kids have had them along on our hunting trips this year if anything bigger than .22s were involved.

      I recently bought a pair of electronic muffs for the range and have been wearing them around. They seem to be pretty good, but I'm not sure how they effect directional hearing yet.
      This summer I plan on sitting the backyard stand a few mornings wearing them to see how I feel they perform in that respect. I'll try to remember to post the results.
      4everAutumn. I wore mine last night just sitting around the house while I was packing my gear for a Fighting Pistol class this weekend.
      I didn't seem to have any problem with direction at all, and was surprised. The blower from the wood stove sounded like a freight train passing through a forest fire though.
      On the upside, I could control the tv volume to my own personal liking. On the downside, I could hear everyone else very loudly as well.


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        I've never worn hearing protection when afield..although think I should have...Same when around noisy machinery...!!

        Now...since I realize some apparent hearing loss...I'll ALWAYS wear hearing protection at a shooting range...and when around noisy machinery.

        I have one pair made to be inserted into the ear...and one that covers the ears...!! I'd like to leave what's left of my hearing intact...!!


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          Originally posted by 4everAutumn View Post
          I've got a pair of noise cancelling muffs that I use. I don't wear them all the time like I should, but I wear them when I revolver hunt for deer. The thing I don't like about them is they amplify sound so it makes it hard to tell how close something is when you hear it.
          I just spent all weekend wearing them outside for a class. I'm now down with it on hunting. Direction wasn't a problem, and I could tell exactly when and where a groundhog was about to top the berm along the range.
          It's decided. I'm wearing them hunting.


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            Originally posted by jhjimbo View Post
            I have never worn any. I am left handed so my right hearing is about
            40% gone.

            To the younger guys, get those electronic muffs, I hear they really work.
            JHP. don't give up on hearing. 40% is still 60% there and it's cumulative. Being less deaf next year is still worth it.


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