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Any good tips for staying warm and alert while hunting in cold weather?

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    Originally posted by huntfishtrap View Post
    As soon as I figure it out myself I will let you know JM. Lol
    In all seriousness, I've been running into problems with the record cold we're having up here in Iowa while bowhunting the last few days. There's a limit to how many clothes you can wear and still draw/shoot a bow accurately, and I've been right on that line for the last several hunts, and it still hasn't been enough. I can take temperatures in the 20s and windy, or teens and calm, for about 3 hours, but then I start to get so cold I have to head back to the vehicle. When it's teens and windy, like it has been for the last couple of days, I don't even hunt.
    In the late gun seasons, I can wear more clothes, and can usually stay warm for a half a day or more, unless the weather is truly arctic. The key is keeping your head, hands and feet warm, because they are where you lose heat the fastest. When gun hunting I wear a thick wool face mask/balaclava along with a heavy knit watch cap, boots with 1000 grams of Thinsulate, and insulated mittens.
    Iowa has been tough the last month or so. Glad to hear I'm not the only one that says "enough is enough" on some days and stays home. I'm not as young as I used to be I guess.


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      Don't be afraid to build a small fire!


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        Originally posted by Pathfinder1 View Post

        You'll need clothing that INSULATES...IS WINDPROOF...and BREATHABLE...!! And depending on the season...waterproof...!!

        You can dress in layers...and/or have a good top layer of 'Woolrich-type clothing over fewer layers.

        Depending on where I am, I may wear a snowmobile suit, with a vest underneath.

        Boots, hat and gloves MUST be able to keep you warm warm, also...because if these areas get cold...your whole body can easily chill...!!

        'Layering' should start from the feet up, depending on the exterior temp's.

        NOTE: ALWAYS dress for the outside...even if you're only going to the nearby convenience store for milk...!! (If your car breaks down then, stalls in drifts, etc.,you'll be dressed for the occasion)...!!
        Hi, DSMbirddog...

        Thank you for your concern...Actually, I've gotten so 'addicted' to some other forums...I completely spaced out Outdoor Life...You'll probably be hearing from me more often now...!!





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