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Forget hunting with falcons; How about golden eagles for wolves? Check this out!

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  • Forget hunting with falcons; How about golden eagles for wolves? Check this out!

    Forget hunting with falcons; How about golden eagles for wolves? Check this out;=Re644qgnCtw#!

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    I've seen falconry in person; I can only imagine the damage an eagle could do. Have you seen the people who train cheetah's to hunt down full grown African animals?


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      JM, I've seen the videos of cheetahs taking down African antelope but my circle does not have members who own cheetahs.
      Years ago while hunting in Colorado I met some hounds men using Greyhounds and Wolfhounds to reduce the coyote population in the foothills near Estes Park. Their dogs were very well trained, it was interesting to watch but not something I care to put the effort into.
      There are all kinds of legal hunting tactics that go on under radar which are down right interesting.
      WI allows hounds for wolf hunting: I can only imagine the uproar if one was to use an eagle to hunt them. An eagle would be legal, IF, you could manage to get the permits to own a Golden Eagle. These eagles are a common sight in my area. On 2 occasions I've seen them take down coyotes. When the eagle hits the coyote I have wondered who will win, in both cases the eagle won coyote dinner.


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        It's hard to even imagine a bird being able to take down a wolf! That is some incredible video. I wonder how many eagles they lose during hunting. In the video, it looked like the wolf that had the two eagles on it was holding its own pretty well. It never really showed the outcome of that match. It did look like the trainers moved in pretty fast though.


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          Wow! I thought eagles killed only fawns and lambs. If they can kill a wolf then coyotes are also prey animals. Great News! Gary


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            That's a common belief LovesOutdoors. Nature shows have done an excellent job of establishing narratives about how animals live, how and what they prey on; frequently not a correct one.
            At a local National Eagle Center an Expert Eagle Technician explained to my grandkids that Bald Eagles only eat fish. Upon inquiry where this tidbit of info came from she presented me with reams of Federal brochures.
            When we showed photos of flocks of eagles picking through manure fields on the hilltops right above the Eagle Center...
            She accused me of photo shopping them. (sigh)




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