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Tyler, I read your article about the three calibers to take on Alaska. I recently moved to Kodiak and currently carry a .300WM.

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  • Tyler, I read your article about the three calibers to take on Alaska. I recently moved to Kodiak and currently carry a .300WM.

    Tyler, I read your article about the three calibers to take on Alaska. I recently moved to Kodiak and currently carry a .300WM. I'm really interested in downgrading to the lighter and more accurate 6.5 Creedmoor. My hunting partner carries a .338WM so aside from bear defense, is the 6.5C a good all-around gun for deer and caribou; with the possibility of elk and mountain goat too? Doesn't seem to be a popular caliber here in AK. Thanks.

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    I know I'm not Tyler, but here is a quote directly off of Hornady's website.
    "Loaded with both the new 120 grain GMX® and the venerable 129 grain SST®, the 6.5 Creedmoor brings a world of precision-based performance to the hunting arena, and it’s light recoil make it a DREAM to shoot for extended periods. It’s perfect for any North American game up to and including Elk."


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      I'm not Tyler either (obviously!), but I would just add that if the 6.5 Creedmoor ammo is hard to find in AK, it might not be the best choice if you're going to be living there.


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        thanks for the input guys..and for the question akfowler. I think the 6.5 is an awesome cartridge for AK. I would use it on anything including moose or interior grizzlies. I just returned from Kodiak/Afognak last night actually. I just took my bow this time, but last year that 6.5 absolutely hammered the deer. The best option for ammo is to hand load. using hornady's superformance powder you can get some outstanding velocities from that little round. even with a 300WM, you might not put a goat down on the spot, but the 6.5 would be just fine. I killed a big billy this year with a .25-06. The creedmoor is shorter with a heavier, better B.C., and almost as high velocity. I think it's a good choice.


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          From what I have read you can duplicate the factory loads when handloading. I would check Hornady's website for load information with this round. I've owned a 264 Win Mag since 1970 and my best accuracy and all round performance has come with 140 grain bullets.


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            Thanks Tyler for your input. @huntfishtrap, the ammo is readily available here in Kodiak surprisingly, but I understand what your saying. Thanks guys.




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