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Mark I was wondering if you had any advise for a beginner.I need all the help I can get.thanks.

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  • Mark I was wondering if you had any advise for a beginner.I need all the help I can get.thanks.

    Mark I was wondering if you had any advise for a beginner.I need all the help I can get.thanks.

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    I'm not Mark. But, one piece of advice I give new hunters is spend as much time in the field as possible. Get to know the area, find all the game trails, creek beds and lay of the land. Secondly. Get to know the game. Learn their behaviors and patterns and you will be a huge step ahead of the other hunters. Third. Know your weapon. Spend as much time at the range as you can, so that you are familiar with your weapon at different yardages.


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      Thanks cjohnsrud,that's good advise.


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        One of the most important things is to start cheap! I know way too many people who think they want to hunt, go out and but $2000 worth of equipment, then decide its not for them. Hunting is a great thing but take your time getting to know it.


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          What type of hunting are you interested in? Treestand hunting for Whitetails? Backcountry hunts? My guess (since you are posting this question to Mark) is that you are interested in DIY backcountry hunts. My best advice is:

          1) Start small: get to know all of your gear (in your backyard or maybe on overnight trips) so that you are completely familiar with how everything works and that it is right for your particular hunt. Make sure you can set up camp in the dark, light a fire and cook your meals BEFORE it is necessary for survival.

          2) Get in shape. I can't over-emphasize this point.

          3) Practice with your rifle/bow! you may only get one chance so make sure you can capitalize on the opportunity

          4) Use the internet. You can gather an amazing amount of info online about potential hunting areas (public land) with last years harvest stats, etc. Once you narrow down a unit, use google maps to scout for likely areas that will hold game.

          5) Go for it! Have fun and keep trying.

          I'm sure Mark will chime in with his advice...


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            The Great Onalaskan~

            Wow... where to start! I'll reiterate the statements from the others here... these are all good points. Some of the stuff GGNYC posted has great merit and I'd love to find out more about where you live and what animals you're hunting. Send over some of those specifics and we'll answer more of your questions...

            My best advice... HAVE FUN.





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