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I am interested in buying a bow in the future. I am a beginner and this will be my first bow. Im not looking to buy anything rea

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  • I am interested in buying a bow in the future. I am a beginner and this will be my first bow. Im not looking to buy anything rea

    I am interested in buying a bow in the future. I am a beginner and this will be my first bow. Im not looking to buy anything real spendy since im just getting started. I was in a store the other day and the guy was showing me a couple bows he thought would be good for me. One was a PSE Brute LT and the other was a Martin Cheetah Gold Series. Both are 2009 models and within my price range. Are these good beginner bows? Also, I noticed in the May 2009 bow test, no Martin bows were tested. Is this because they arent good bows or what? If both bows are good, which would you recomend I buy?

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    They are both good bows, PSE is just a more popular brand. My advice to you would be to shoot both and buy what feels the best to you. Which is what I did when I bought my first bow, I shot nearly every bow in the shop two or three times before I could decide. Either one will start you off on the right track!


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      The previous comment is good advice (shoot them and find out what is comfortable). I was in your shoes a couple of years ago. I don't know much about these bows. I bought a Parker bow (Buck Hunter series possibly). The price was $279. I wanted something inexpensive as I was just getting started. It has served me well and killed several deer the last couple of years.

      With the improvements in technology recently, it is amazing the performance that you can get from even "economy-model" bows.

      I am not recommending a Parker over any of the other makes/models; I just wanted to relay my experience.

      Buy one that is a price you can afford and that is comfortable for you to shoot. If you do that, you can't go wrong.


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        A practiced shooter with a $200 bow can out-shoot a non-practiced shooter with a $1200 bow. Adequate power and speed, silence, and "your comfort", backed with practice, practice, practice, is the only real key. Match your arrows, learn how to stay tuned, and have a great time until your finances allow you to move-up. Your hunting abilities, and accuracy, are more important than the cost of equipment.




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