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I bow hunt for blacktail deer in my home state Northwest Washington. All you read about is whitetail there is not alot done on b

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  • I bow hunt for blacktail deer in my home state Northwest Washington. All you read about is whitetail there is not alot done on b

    I bow hunt for blacktail deer in my home state Northwest Washington. All you read about is whitetail there is not alot done on blacktail. I have been hunting blacktail for 12 years (creap and stock). I have seem many two points But not a monster. Question is there could one find a big mature buck? it is already thick brush alot food still hunt or tree stand or ?????

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    I hunted north west washington out side a small town called welpanit I think thats how you spell it but anyays the locals told me theres no monster bucks in the area but boy was they wrong. I never seen no monster bucks but I did find one side of a whitetail shed if the other side matched it would of scored a little over 200 B&C points typical to tell you the truth one of the bigest whitetail typical sheds I ever found. I'm sure that blacktail are like other deer and change patterns when they hard racks I would say your best chance is in the rut when they let there guard down some. Tree stands work if you know where there are monster coming out at spot & stock will work better in open country as you probly all ready know & brush hunting well that is a hard way to go about hunting just practice on what they call snap shooting then your bush hunting will produce more harvest plus you will get a shot off in the thickness where most the time you only have about 1 or 2 seconds to decide what it is jumping up out the brush & if you want to try & shot it. Oh sorry your using a bow in that case cant beat the tree stand hunt. Thats the thing about being a trophey hunter your going to see lots and lots of young bucks you just going to keep passing on these deer untill you see the trophey you like. I know its hard to pass all those deer and spend hours and hours out in the woods only to come home with no deer but thats what it takes to be a trophey hunter. One thing I started doing is packing a camera to pass the time plus you get photos of the deer you pass it makes the time out there go a little faster. Hope you post your moster when you get him!


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      nw washington is my home town although i rifle hunt my cousin bow hunts and i have been taking him out hunting do to the fact im his only ride out. but we have seen monster bucks out this year the only prob was getting him close enough we have not yet got one during early bow but i did take one out during rifle season along with my brother and my cousin and i decided to keep watching the clear cut and finding out where they come in and go out at and now we have built a tree stand only 15 ft up not sure how well it will work now that the rut is over but its worth the try for the deer we have seen. and we set the stand up on the timber line that way one man can watch the ten feet into the timber and the other can watch the cut. well good luck to you.




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