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I just got my first compound bow, bought second hand. I've been trying to get out every couple days, but seem to be running int

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  • I just got my first compound bow, bought second hand. I've been trying to get out every couple days, but seem to be running int

    I just got my first compound bow, bought second hand. I've been trying to get out every couple days, but seem to be running into some issues. For example, the guy threw in some carbon arrows and it had a whisker buiscuit (WB). However, when I draw the bow back, the field tip comes back INTO the the arrow is an inch too short for the draw length of the bow. This seems like this would be problematic with a broadhead as it may catch or sink into the WB. Also, yesterday, the string came off after I released an arrow! The string and pulley "hooks" seem in good shape, it just came off. So I'm starting to wonder if this 2nd hand bow has more issues than my nieve-self realized...any thoughts on other critical things I should check to ensure proper operation? Thanks a lot.

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    First off, the arrow is definitely too short for the draw length. I don't know the exact recommendation as to how much arrow should stick out the end but I leave almost 2 inches of arrow shaft beyond my rest (which happens to be a whisker bisquit) at full draw. As far as the string coming off, you should definitely take the bow into a good technician and let him go through all the hardware to ensure everything is tightened down properly, limb bolts, pulleys, etc... Hope you didn't get stuck with a lemmon. Best of luck.


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      I shoot a whisker biscuit and i cut my arrows to the end of my riser it does fine. If your shooting fingers instead of a release you could have twisted your hand and pulled the string off. Shoot a release it improves your shooting skills and accuracy.


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        Definitely take it in to get it checked out and adjusted. And don't try to shoot the short arrows - results can be catastrophic. There were good deals on arrows at Bass Pro and Cabela's recently.


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          dont EVER shoot a used bow without getting it checked out i got a used i was lucky while i shot it without it cheked i got it checked and it had bad cables and a bad string


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            Buying a 2nd hand bow I say “Buyer beware!” I would take it all to a reputable bow shop and let the Bow Smith take a look at it. Sounds like the bow has the wrong diameter string or the cams are out of alignment. But the bottom line, take it to a shop and let them do a scratch and sniff and trouble shoot it and yes your arrows are too short. The new rest sets forward than the original or previous rest.


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              Dont shoot the bow till you have it checked by a pro. Hopefully it's something that can be fixed and you'll soon be out zippin arrows into the bullseye. If the bow isnt restorable, get a new boy if your finances allow, you'll never regret buying a new bow. dont give up on used bows as great used bows can be found, some can be bought at archery shops. Pawn shops have numbers of great bows today with these tougher times. Take another bowhunter with you while looking at bows from a pawn shop to help pick out a good one. Never pay the askiing price, offer 50% for a start and haggle to a fair price. good luck and hunt safe.


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                You need a technician. Hands down. You might be able to use your arrows with an overdraw, but I doubt the arrows even match the equipment. I buy used bows just because I'm a hunting pack-rat, but very few of them (at discount price) are ready to fire without an overhaul suited to me. Chances are you got a good you just have to improve the package.




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