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i'LL be out picking blackberries soon,and wandering along dry creekbeds searching for indian atrifacts, meeting landowners all t

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  • i'LL be out picking blackberries soon,and wandering along dry creekbeds searching for indian atrifacts, meeting landowners all t

    i'LL be out picking blackberries soon,and wandering along dry creekbeds searching for indian atrifacts, meeting landowners all the while keeping in mind deer season approaching .How's your preseason searches going?I've only leased land to hunt once, one dollar for four hundred acres in far western Kentucky.Sometimes the slow low approach can open gates that others find locked.

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    luckily I get to hunt on my own property but this brings up a good point even though its only July, fall is coming quick ad that also brings hunting season (deer, upland, waterfowl, etc.) but what most people are forgetting the deer might not be acting the same and may hang around more in different areas. what I'm trying to say is people should either ask the people who are letting them hunt on there land and ask if you could go out into a blind, stand, etc. and sit there a couple hours to see how the deer are acting and if you have to be adjusting to find the deer and where the are hanging out. if you don't care to be bringing out your stands and blinds etc. you could just walk round the woods. overall just get out and enjoy the great outdoors and while your at it and see any deer just put a mental mark in your head on where they were and how they were acting ad eating. have fun!


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      -Good luck finding some good land to hunt on.
      -If you find any cool artifacts can you post a picture on OutdoorLife?


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        I do most of my hunting on either public land, or private land that friends own, so I don't have a lot of turnover as far as hunting spots go. In fact, I'm doing more and more of my hunting on public land, because in my part of the country, if you can get 1/2 mile from the parking lot, or up a steep hill, you'll lose 90% of other public-land hunters. And private land around here is becoming more overrun with recreational 4-wheelerers, horse back riders, etc., to the point that a lot of public land actually sees less human activity.


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          While at camp I saw 6 or 8 deer including a few fawns.
          Did not hear any coyotes so things are looking good so far. September will be the first to go in the woods - too much undergrowth now to see anything.




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