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ok...was getting pretty good patterns @ 20 and 40 yrds but 30 was all over the place. Solid at times but wide and occasionally w

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  • ok...was getting pretty good patterns @ 20 and 40 yrds but 30 was all over the place. Solid at times but wide and occasionally w

    ok...was getting pretty good patterns @ 20 and 40 yrds but 30 was all over the place. Solid at times but wide and occasionally w/ the wild flyer. a buddy said try the nose on string method and suddenly my peep was way way too high. what do i do to correct this? adjust the peep or lower/raise my kisser button? any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    sounds like your talking about a change in your anchor point which would cause a change in peep sight position.decide where or how you want your anchor point then adjust peep to where it comfortable to peep.if your shooting is good at 20 and 40 it sounds maybe your good at 20 and concentrate better on the 40, you maybe dropping your arm on the 30,practice your form shooting with eyes closed up close to a target concentrate only only follow thru of shot. hope this helps


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      make sure your sight doesnt have any flaws, might be something as simple as a hairline frature that barely moves each time you shoot.


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        Consistent accuracy in archery is all about eliminating variation from shot to shot. Unfortunately sometimes it seems like there are more sources of variability than you can deal with (mostly yourself).

        I would encourage you to take your bow to the local pro shop and have them make sure everything is aligned get it paper tuned.

        Other things to think about:
        1.) Like JM1993 said, make sure to check your sight pins. Are they loose, cracked or other?
        2.) Check your arrows (and field points/broadheads)! You mentioned getting some flyers. You may have one arrow or point/broadhead that is causing the problem. Mark each arrow and shoot some groups, see if you notice a particular arrow that seems to be the problem.
        3.) Grip - Focus on gripping the bow the same way every time
        4.) Kisser Button - I have stopped using a kisser button on my latest set-up as I found it was actually causing me to change my anchor point. If you really want to use one make sure you push it onto your teeth when you draw. Otherwise you will be positioning it off your cheek which is soft and squishy, causing your anchor point to differ shot to shot.
        5.) Have a friend watch you shoot and see if they notice any bad habits like dropping your arm.

        Good luck! Also, there are some great videos on by Larry Wise that might help you out.




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