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I've hunted my whole life, but only bow hunted once with a borrowed bow. I want to buy my own bow this year and I'll be looking

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  • I've hunted my whole life, but only bow hunted once with a borrowed bow. I want to buy my own bow this year and I'll be looking

    I've hunted my whole life, but only bow hunted once with a borrowed bow. I want to buy my own bow this year and I'll be looking to get something in the middle of the price range. Just wondering if anyone has suggestions for a good bow to start out with?

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    TRAVIS, welcome to bowhunting' SO that you don't make the same mistakes i did years ago, find a local bowhunting club near you and don't be bashful to ask for assistance, I'm sure the people there will be more than willing to help you out. A bow seems like a pretty simple device until you learn more about it; you will also be able to find a starter bow that suits you by trying different ones out, with proper instruction on arrow choice and draw weights/ sight alignments / paper tuning . mechanical relese choices or finger shooting / I'm pretty sure you are already an acclomplished hunter, bow shooting and hunting is a sport most fall in love with. good luck .


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      Travis, I don't bowhunt anymore, but when I did, there were several bowhunting clubs around my area, and even the state wildlife department where I was living at the time, would put on classes for those who were interested, and that one would count as a hunter safety course. There are also magazines like Bowhunter, etc. Lots of resources. Good luck, and I hope you get as much enjoyment as possible with one more opportunity to be in the great outdoors.


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        There are several choices out there. I myself preferr a PSE. I've been shooting one for over 10 yrs and it has never failed me yet.


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          I just want to thank you guys for taking the time to answer my question ...if you need any advice or questions on hunting or fishing in South Dakota or Alaska let me know!


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            please consider a RECURVE. I have been a successful bowhunter since i was 14 and have shot many deer with my compound but i got so good with it while target shooting it just wasnt fun anymore so i picked up a recurve and havnt turned back in 4 years it is a riot, all the guys at my club are great and there is none of the pressure to always have the latest and greatest ie.. save money , it is a one time expense if you get the right arrows for your bow and it will take you back to your roots also you dont need to have a 65 pound bow to kill things 45-55 will kill even an elk ( iguarantee it i have seen it done with 45s)
            also thanks for the info on lake oahe


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              I'll tell you that I have been bowhunting for a relatively short time - about a year - but I bought a Fred Bear Lights Out witha 31 inch draw and 70# draw weight. I couldn't be more pleased. Even got my first EVER turkey, and I did it with my Lights Out bow. I was very happy with the price (got it on-line) and it seems to be a terrific bow. I was warned early on, whatever bow and setup you get, be happy with it. There are thousands of products out there (bows, arrows, broadheads etc) and many 'new and improved' versions all the time. If you are constantly looking at all this stuff, you'll go broke. So what if your bow shoots at 320 -400 fps or 280fps - that's jsut bragging rights in my book. Like I said before, you need to get a bow that fits you and your wallet, and you need to work with it enough to be consistently accurate. hope this helps.


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                Hey it all depends on what kind of "bowhunting" you want to do. Longboy recurve or compound I am a compound hunter and I have a martin. Best bow I have ever owned. Granted i'm only 24 but I have been bow hunting sence I was 11. I dont know much but when you pay for a name the names all you get. Performance is right about the same. I had a matthews ovation that the limbs cracked and blew up on me the first time I pulled it back. My martin is nice, I will stick with them for the rest of my life.




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