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I recently asked the question about broadheads (fixed or mechanical). I normally shoot G5 montec but due to a lack of blood trai

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  • I recently asked the question about broadheads (fixed or mechanical). I normally shoot G5 montec but due to a lack of blood trai

    I recently asked the question about broadheads (fixed or mechanical). I normally shoot G5 montec but due to a lack of blood trails after double lunging a nice whitetail i am thinking about switching to a mini max, rage, or a grimm reaper razorline ss. What would you choose in my position?

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    i firts used the grim reapers then went to g5 montecs. for the last two years i used 100gr rage 2 blades. deer dont go far with a double lung shot, these are devastating.


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      The G5's are good heads except for the carbon steel version which showed signs of rust after just a few days of hunting.

      I have hunted with Rage heads and was less than happy with their performance. The biggest problem with the Rage was premature opening. Twice in one week I stalked within bow range only to see one of my blades hanging when I pulled back. Must have caught on a twig while stalking. There were other things I did not care for but for that reason alone I dumped all of my Rage heads.

      It is not uncommon to double lung a deer and it leave no blood trail. Many times exit wounds can clog with tissue or depending on the angle of the arrow a high exit wound will take a while to bleed out.

      The location of the exit wound is very important. This is why I shoot a strong fixed blade broadhead. Fixed blades will shoot straight through a deer with little deflection while the moving blades of a mechanical will float or turn as it goes through an animal leaving the exit wound location up to chance. Again, being able to create a good exit wound is very critical to making a good blood trail.

      Stick with fixed blades and I believe you will be happier in the long run.


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        it never hurts to try out a few different types , you need confidence in what you choose


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          Stay with fixed blade in my opinion. Add moving parts to anything and problems will arise eventually. I shot a nice buck last year with a Rage and had a great entry hole, but a very small exit hole.


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            I would use the 2 bladed rage it produces a super blood trail


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              I shoot the three blade Rage. I am fairly new to bow hunting, but have shot 6 deer so far. I have had no problems with the Rage heads. Fact is, all but one deer fell within view of my stand.




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