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What is your favorite brand of bow?

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  • What is your favorite brand of bow?

    What is your favorite brand of bow?

  • #2
    HOYT, hoyt is definitly my favorit.
    Seth Trudeau


    • #3
      I too am a Man of exceedingly good tastes (i.e. Hoyt Fanboy)


      • #4
        Black Widow


        • #5
          1/3 of the way to a new rig LOL

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          • #6
            Order limbs 2 months ago, checked and things are a little behind, so wont arrive til gun season.
            Shoulder issue, dunno if my reg recurve is doable. Is higher #

            So ran to a pro shop and bought a low end Hoyt Torrex compound. Now to dump more $ into accessorizing. Ouch.
            But it will be my backup rig whenever shoulder issues arise.

            Man shooting wheels n sights is boring. Too easy. But Id rather be in the woods than on the couch.


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              Hurts to shoot but i fired a few. Only 58#. Its the motion, not the draw weight. Shoot it a week to get used to it, re establish form and then supertune.

              It might be fine as is.
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              • #8
                Bow season might be iffy. Gonna see whats going on w my gallbladder. ER last night. Wicked attack.
                Fine tonight. Yeeesh


                • #9
                  Heck, tried on a camo jacket at Cabelas yesterday and dislocated my shoulder. Been iffy for a while

                  Man that hurt!

                  Calling specialist ( guy who did Bankhart repair on my kids shoulders ).

                  Reaching up or back is no go. Might be able to draw bow though. Hell just pushmowed my yard....but used belly half the time LOL


                  • #10
                    Momma says get an xbow, rather than risk further injury. Aint gonna happen.


                    • #11
                      Somehow I missed this thread after August. Never caught the new bow or any of the rest of it until today.

                      The Hoyt looks good, did you end up getting it tuned or did that go on the back burner? Just curious what your impressions are if you did get it shooting. Gotta take care of yourself first.

                      I haven’t shot mine yet. Season opens Friday. Stands are set, complete with bow ropes, bow holders, quiver mounts (We run Kwickee Quivers and just pull them off the bow in the stand) and harness tie ins. I’ll have a self imposed 25 yard limit, two of the stands don’t offer shots any longer than that anyway. As long as the bow is up to snuff shooting generally is like riding a bike, except for the range estimation. Close is good, closer is better. If the opportunity isn’t perfect I’m not taking it.

                      My Father in Law runs a Draw-Lock on his bow. He doesn’t like having to use it but doesn’t have much option. Last two weeks of our season is open to X-bows and he’ll use one of them. Getting so he won’t run a climber either, ladders or blinds generally.


                      • #12
                        Ive shot maybe 100 arrows through the Hoyt at 58#.
                        Have not paper tuned it yet. Tech at shop looked at rest where i had eyeballed it and said it looks good.....

                        Its so close as to mandate paper tune check. It might be fine as is. Have not shot a G5 Montec to see.

                        Either one would tell me if it needs adjusted.

                        The Blackwidow PSA limbs are not here yet. Supposedly another few weeks.

                        Bow season doesnt get serious for me til Halloween

                        But i found a field edge w shade kill and woods entrance i can hang a stand in.

                        Do thaT tomorrow if arm allows.

                        My Hoyt still feels new to me and im not crashing nocks at 20 yards. Tennis ball group size. Not good.
                        But w deer shots under 20.....good enough.


                        • #13
                          Shoulder doc yesterday. Range of motion checks have me sore today. Fired one shot through paper. Good enough. Got home from target range and screwed on a G5 Montec.

                          Block target took the hit at 20 yards, right where pin was ( left side of bull ).

                          Hurt to draw last week, hurts to draw now or hold

                          Pharm doesnt have anti inflam scrip.ready at 30 hrs.
                          Will try OTC to get me able to shoot a deer tomorrow.

                          Schedule PT after morning hunt. Hopefully they dont hurt me so bad I cant hunt the next couple weeks.
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                          • #14
                            Shot tonight, backed the limbs off one turn and adjusted the sight. Wore the new softshell jacket, couple string slaps but were very quiet. Pin looks fuzzier than last year. Time for a bigger one I guess. Should be good to go in the morning. First time in years sitting on opening morning and all by myself as well.

                            Kid’s gonna be miffed if I pop a good one out of his stand while he’s in school. He’ll get over it.


                            • #15
                              And good luck to ya as well!




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