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i am going on my first l.e.h goat hunt in the east kooteny region of british columbia i will be going in mid to early october.

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  • i am going on my first l.e.h goat hunt in the east kooteny region of british columbia i will be going in mid to early october.

    i am going on my first l.e.h goat hunt in the east kooteny region of british columbia i will be going in mid to early october. i am not sure what type of clothing to wear. cause i dont want to get to hot with all the hiking but dont want to be cold

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    Being from Canada I can tell you to plan for anything including rain gear and be prepared to wear different layers as the temperature varies throughout the day.Environment Canada has a weather site online which you can enter your location and obtain a 5-6 day forecast for any region which may assist you in planning.This site also offers info and updates on weather situations developing--storm warnings-lightening activity--marine forecasts--it is a valuable tool in making daily decisions when afield.


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      holy thanks alot being a young hunter i need all the info i can soak up


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        Being from Eastern Washington(state) our weather is pretty similar to Eastern B.C. Mid October is our deer season here and I have hunted in everything from 80 degrees to right around freezing. Most commonly it will be in the 40's overnight and get up into the 60's during the day. Plan for rain especially if you are hunting in the higher elevations. Layers will be your best bet. Dress warm for in the morning, or if you will be sitting and glassing, and shed layers when you decide to hike. High performance base layers (ie Under Armour) with midweight layers over the top of that and a nice waterproof jacket to top it off is what I would wear.


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          I have hunted Goats on two occasions in B.C.

          I recommend the following. A layer of under armour type long johns light weight, A layer of moreno wool long johns light weight. a layer of light weight wool clothing, a layer of fleece clothing, all covered with a layer of good gore tex. It is unlikely that you will ever need to wear all of the stuff at once but if you need to you will have it. Gore tex type boots and a good stocking cap and gloves. If you take this gear you will have everything you need.

          Good hunting!




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