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I'm also looking for advice on planning a big game hunt in Montana in 2010. My father-in-law and I are starting the initial pla

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  • I'm also looking for advice on planning a big game hunt in Montana in 2010. My father-in-law and I are starting the initial pla

    I'm also looking for advice on planning a big game hunt in Montana in 2010. My father-in-law and I are starting the initial planning...including what game we want to pursue during this opportunity. Any thoughts? Locations? Guided vs. unguided? Thanks.

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    Good choice in Montana....whats good about the state you could close your eyes and point a place out there is a good chance there is some game there. If you where hunting whitetail I would say Seely lake or the Capital Helana has been known to have major deer problems.


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      If you can get a spot what is over a mile from any road well you will be swimming in tropheys those kind of spots are getting harder to find though.


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        WUT U HUTN 4?


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          Clay, don't know yet, that's part of what we're still planning. The idea came up the other day and we set that we're going to do it next year (kind of a bucket list thing). I'm an avid hunter here in the east, but never hunted the big game in that region...neither has he. Because this may be a once in a life time hunt, we obviously want the odds in our favor for harvesting game (population, access, etc). That said, I can get a deer here...I think we'd both like to go after "regional game".


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            I have lived and hunted in Montana my whole life. With that said, I would not spend money for a guide; the best part about hunting in our beautiful state is the easy access. There is tons of state, federal, and private Block Management out there.

            I don’t want to give away all my secretes; but, if its Mule Deer or Antelope your after I would definitely suggest Eastern Montana. More particular look into the deer trophy permit available for Pryor Mountains, hunting area 510, (Custer National Forest). You will see a ton of deer and smaller bucks, so be picky and wait for that big one.

            On the other hand if it is Elk your after I would suggest heading to the western part of the state. Look into the Crazy Mountains, hunting area 315, (Gallatin National Forest) outside the town of Wilsall. There is also a very successful outfitter with a lease in this area. Both places even have campground within the area.

            Lastly, our Fish Wildlife and Parks Service has a great website with lots of information include all application deadlines, Block Management information, hunting success quotas, and an interactive map. Check it out at:


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              If you are going to Western Montana I suggest that you get there three or four days before you start hunting.I live in Northern New Mexico where the elevation is about 7500 feet above sea level. When people come to visit from out of state they are really dragging for the first few days. While being in shape is good, there is no substitute for actually being there. Good luck.




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