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Holy flock 2

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  • Holy flock 2

    First a question, then why it matters.

    A group of bears is called what?

    Times up: The answer is


    I didn’t know this but after checking trail cams today had to look it up.


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    E728C677-3D82-4AC6-BF7F-ADA5323F994A.jpeg 77A2003D-2CAA-4026-95A5-D20C5888023C.jpeg

    So you may recall last year the pics I posted of the sow with three Cubs. They looked to be getting pretty big and I’m guessing mama booted them last fall with good reason.


    Yes there are four Cubs in these shots. Very cool but dayom that’s a lot of mouths to feed. Hard to tell how big mom is because these guys are just fuzz balls but she looks to be in good shape. I just hope they stay up top, don’t need them on my deck trying to clean my grill for me.


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      Yes sir! I believe I'd call that a "flock" of bears! LOL!
      Yeppers, she appears to be a fine physical specimen! ...and a fine mother.


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        Now that is interesting. We have very few bears in Alabama. Supposedly, a sow and two cubs was spotted a few years ago on the lease I'm returning to. It would make my day to see one in the woods.


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          Missouri has its first bear season this fall. Brother, his boy and I are applying tomorrow. Probably zone 2, but maybe zone 1. You can google the regs if you like. Missouri residents only for now.


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            Oklahoma has bears, but at this point, no season, no tags.


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              I don’t know who, but one of the neighbors took these pictures a week or so ago. The pics have been making the rounds via text so I’m guessing they’re ok to post.

              The same female, seen with all four cubs but not all together in the frames. Pretty cool just the same, I think my favorite is the one of mom carrying the cub like a cat with her kittens. Not surprised but I didn’t realize they’d do that.

              Shots taken less than a mile down the road.

              4C0F0342-6931-4F99-B348-B04E6F50F7F9.jpeg 76D24B99-AA8E-477E-86F9-28B4437E9553.jpeg 429148D1-CEBD-49CE-90AA-8DCF97D7C335.jpeg


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                Let's all hope she keeps the "Four-Some" clear of human contact.

                I wonder what the likelihood of her rearing all four is?

                Good luck, Mom!




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