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Who hunts big game with a handgun?

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  • Who hunts big game with a handgun?

    Any handgun hunters here?
    Describe your hunting handguns (With Pics!) whether they be revolvers, semi-autos or single-shot specialty pistols.

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    Mr. Ernie,
    First let me say I'm glad to see you here. Welcome. I'm sure it is a popular opinion. The late season here in Missouri allows pistols, as long as they are not AR/AK type, to go with black powder, air rifles, crossbows, and atl atl's. I've used my old model 29 and killed a couple but they were close as I was in a ladder stand. I hunt squirrels with my 22 pistols fairly often. I've been looking at those CVA scout 2 pistols. Can only find 223 & 243 but know where a 300 blk is.


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      Just this summer, I sold my original version Ruger Vaquero in .45 Colt. I'd killed a couple of deer and a couple of pigs with it but quit carrying it about 5 years ago. Mainly because of the weight, but also I really didn't need it since most of the time the rifle in my hands was sufficient. My field gun now is a Ruger SP101 4-inch in .357 Magnum. Haven't shot anything but paper so far. The hunting handload contains the Hornady 158gr XTP.

      I sometimes use a Ruger .22lr semiauto to take squirrels. My favorite is a Ruger MK III suppressed. My Ruger Mk II bull barrel was good on squirrels too but I really don't need it and it's for sale.



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        I've got a S&W M57 w/8 3/8" bbl.
        I would "love" to take a deer/pig with it. I've owned it 40+ years. Nothing yet.

        Pics unavailable.

        My 9" Ruger "Single Six" has taken all kinds of game! I've used it to finish deer and empty pig traps. Turkeys, small game, snakes and vermin around the farm.


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          S&W 29 .44mag.jpg I hunt with my Model 29 when it is snowing or raining.




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