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Do you have any suggestions for an elk guide? I've hunted all of the western states except AZ with not a shot. I have never had

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  • Do you have any suggestions for an elk guide? I've hunted all of the western states except AZ with not a shot. I have never had

    Do you have any suggestions for an elk guide? I've hunted all of the western states except AZ with not a shot. I have never had a "bad" hunt, but every place I've been there has been a lack of game. Thanks for the effort! \- John in Minnesota

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    Scott Denny with Table Mountain Outfitters offers great private-land hunts for elk and mule deer in WY. If you can draw a coveted elk tag in AZ or NM, U.S. Outfitters offers fantastic and reasonably priced hunts. I smoked this 330-inch bull (.50 T/C muzzleloader) in the Valle Vidal of NM on a wild bugle hunt with USO. Hard-core big game hunters/consultants Jack and Keith Atcheson can line you up with a good guide in MT, BC Canada, ID or CO. BTW, I would never recommend an outfitter or hunt consultant unless I had personally hunted with them and felt good about their character and operation. Hope you kill a giant bull, good luck!
    --Mike Hanback


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      this may not be in arizona but hunt southern utah by fishlake natinal forest there is some grand trophys down there i now for a fact i downed a 7x7 that scored 389 b&c this season


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        I would suggest Milligan Brand Outfitting & Guide service. They hunt southern Colorado and New Mexico. Ray Milligan in Chama, New Mexico is a wonderful host and his guides and services are outstanding. Best time of my life. M.Y. PS., Co.


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          Commanch wilderness outfitters...colorado! Check out the colorado outfitters asociation website! Scott Limmer is the owner! If you have no preference points, he maybe able to set you up with a land owners voucher, and book a hunt! Look up best of species "elk" on the website.. commanche wilderness outfitters regularly ranks at the top for species hunted. I hunted this past fall and took a nice bull, my second in two trips to Co. First trip was a respectful 4x4, on a do it yourself drop camp with a different outfitter. Commanche wilderness does their homework and the results show! Check out woodeye06 on this site for a picture of my bull! Also pictured on C.O.A. website 3rd place 2008 best of species elk. any questions drop me a line. [email protected] Best of luck in your quest for a bull!




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