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i have a two month old blue tic/walker hound mix and i would like to be able to have her find sheds does anyone have any answers

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  • i have a two month old blue tic/walker hound mix and i would like to be able to have her find sheds does anyone have any answers

    i have a two month old blue tic/walker hound mix and i would like to be able to have her find sheds does anyone have any answers on how to train a dog do find sheds?

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    Not sure how to train, I've heard labs were the best dogs to do this though.
    Maybe go to and phrase it like " How do I train my dog to hunt deer sheds.
    Hope this helps. Good luck and Good hunting.


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      Its good that she is young. What you should do is:
      1. Start off by letting her get used to the smell of a shed. So if you have any old ones, let her play with it a little but dont let her chew it up.

      2. You need to have some kind of command that you use that she can match with a shed. maybe something like "go find a shed" or "find a buck" or something like that.

      3. Soon you can start hiding the shed around the house or yard. You will probably have to help her look for it the first few times but soon she should start looking for it on your command. For the beginning you should leave it somewhere easy to find.

      4. Once she is finding them out in the open pretty well you should start actually hiding it maybe under pine straw or something just so she has to use her nose in stead of sight.

      5. Once she has gotten pretty good at finding them, go into a small block of woods and hide 4 or 5 sheds along a path. Go get her and walk down the path with her. Give your command "find the buck" ,or whatever, and make her look for the sheds that you hid. When she brings you back one make sure she drops it to you instead of chews on it. Pick it up and giver her the command again. She should go out to try to find the others. Do this until she has found all of them (or at least tried)

      6. Now you are ready to do the real deal. Take her to your favorite hunting spot and walk along with her. Go through fields and creek bottoms and other places where sheds should be. When she brings you a antler pat her on the head and give her a little praise, then send her back out using your command.

      * Sometimes the dogs will bring back bones that are not antlers. Its just that sometimes they cant tell the difference, so make sure you have a good "drop" command.

      Good Luck!
      I will post if I think of anything Else


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        thanks man that helps alot


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          hey i want a dog like that save me alot of walking!
          And alot of strain on my eyes!




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