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So does this mean you can use Human Urine as a lure?

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    Originally posted by bowhunter75richard View Post
    How true some things are, I do not know. But, I have read 1-2 supposedly scientific articles that have stated there is no difference in the breakdown between human and deer urine in regards to aroma. I find that rather strange, but then I didn’t write the article ! It was stated in the articles that human urine has the same attraction abilities and I have no way of arguing against it !
    My cousin pees out of his tree stand or his ground blind. He swears it doesn't bother deer but the biggest deer he ever bagged was a 2 by 2 wye buck after thirty years of deer hunting.
    Does that tell you something?


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      Originally posted by Ontario Honker Hunter View Post
      This isn't news. Invasive species mountain goat population has been a problem at Olympic since long before I was a ranger there in the mid 80s. It's not their attraction to human pee that is the problem. They cause havoc on a biosystem that evolved without them. Last I heard the NPS worked out a compromise with the animal rights advocates to airlift as many goats as possible within a specified timeline and then start shooting them after that. The tree huggers were supposed to finance most of the airlifting. I suspect they did not live up to their end of the bargain.

      Deer, porcupines, squirrels, mice, are all attracted to the salts in human urine. Anyone who had spent any time at all in the outdoors knows that. Deer at Olympic have been a really big problem at Hurricane Ridge and Deer Park. At Hurricane Ridge they hung around the parking lot in droves to lap up antifreeze that boiled over from motorhomes chugging up the 17% grade to the visitor centre. They'd stagger around for a while with tongues hanging out but same big bucks seemed to come back year after year. The development of enclosed cooling system has undoubtedly helped. Deer on Deer Park trail were actually attacking visitors to get at the goodies in their backpacks. I avoided the trail ... to avoid clubbing to death one of the furry basturds.

      The Park Service has taken the misguided approach that removing human predation in the parks produces a "natural environment." As a historian and biologist I know that's simply not possible. An ecosystem that has evolved on this continent with human predators over the last sixteen thousand plus years cannot be perceived as "natural" if the human component is suddenly removed. That's simply ridiculous. It's entirely unnatural. Fake as fake can be. And boy, the Park Service did not care for me telling that to visitors! But it is the indisputable truth. Just not the truth the touchy-feely bleeding hearts in top management want to accept. They choose to ignore the Park Service's 1916 mandate and instead they attempt to recreate the natural world in their own image of what they'd like it to be. So now we're paying for helicopters to remove critters that historically (and therefore "naturally") would have been killed and eaten. Helicopters buzzing about the park with drugged up goats dangling below them is just so natural! Pffft!
      I like to see results on wild black bears and human pee. ?
      Bear baiting guides do not want you peeing out of the stand so there must be a reason.




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