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How do you hang very heavy trophies when the mounting point is between the wall studs. To bridge a mounting plate from stud to

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  • How do you hang very heavy trophies when the mounting point is between the wall studs. To bridge a mounting plate from stud to

    How do you hang very heavy trophies when the mounting point is between the wall studs. To bridge a mounting plate from stud to stud would be unsightly

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    How heavy are we talking? If it is too heavy for a drywall anchor than you may need to cut down a section of the drywall and put a brace/mounting plate between the studs then put new drywall over it.


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      JM has a good thought and it wouldn't be too hard to do that. How about if you would cut a larger wood plate, matching the shape of the back of your mount and would be big enough to bridge the gap between the studs and screw it in. You could then attach your mount to that plate. The plate could either be finished as a wood base that are on some mounts, or painted to match your wall. That, or if your mount is over 16 inches wide, put two hangers on the back of it to match the space between your studs.


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        The Cape Buffalo must be around 100 lbs and the eland would be about the same. Your idea of using a larger wood plate to attach to two studs may be the answer. For the less challenging mounts, I have cut a piece of steel 1.5' by 2 " by 3/16 then drilled several holes down the centre line to accommodate wood screws and one larger hole near the top to accommodate a larger lag screw to act as the hanger with the screws down the length of the stud giving added security. That should handle the mounts that can be centered on a single wood stud. Where there isn't a stud in the right spot I have to consider options as you fellows are suggesting. Surely, some outfit out there has designed and/or sells an ingenious method of dealing with this problem?


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          Maybe you should've considered that before shooting such a large cape buffalo and
          In all seriousness, I can't think of anything better than JM's or 4everAutumn's suggestions.


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            You can face the Cape Buffalo, you can walk yourself into the ground hunting that big kudu but the true challenge comes in convincing your wife that the world will not end by moving the trophy one foot on the wall. The laws of symmetry have been broken and no lightning bolt has struck the house. Talk about grace under pressure


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              A good taxidermy firm should have several ideas for you when it comes to hanging their product. If you have a contractor friend he could help, but it might cost a few extra bucks


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                Sounds like you found the best solution kody.




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