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The History channel had a new show on last night called "The Hunt". They showed different Guides and hunters hunting Kodiak br

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  • The History channel had a new show on last night called "The Hunt". They showed different Guides and hunters hunting Kodiak br

    The History channel had a new show on last night called "The Hunt". They showed different Guides and hunters hunting Kodiak brown bears on Kodiak Island in Alaska. Did anybody see the first show? I liked it and it was very educational. It was better then most crap on television. I can't even picture hunting an animal that can be on top of you in seconds and can kill you. Any Opinions?

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    I usually avoid watching hunting-related shows until someone says they like it(I think most hunting-related shows on TV now are terrible for the future of hunting, but that is a rant for another time), so I'll keep an eye out and watch it the next time it is on. The only two shows I can watch are Life Below Zero and Mountain Men, but even those are hard to watch at times.


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      I thought it was as well presented as could be expected considering it was produced by people who don't have a clue about hunting. It seems that they always have to work some heavy-handed drama into the programs that really isn't necessary.


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        i wasnt very impressed a lot more drama than there really is like all shows they want you to think that someone is going to die but if someone really died it wouldnt be on tv they need to show more of the hunting and less dramathat being said as long as the blonde girl is wearing super tight camo clothes ill watch


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          I agree with pineywoods it was well presented.
          I liked how one Kodiak bear Guide put a portable battery operated electric fence around their back country campsite for protection against bears while they sleep.
          Another bear Guide takes his dog in camp to warn them of any near by bears while snoozing in their tents.
          I never knew if a brown bear track is nine inches wide it means that bear stands nine feet. Ten inch wide track would be ten feet tall bear. These bruins can stand up to eleven feet full grown.
          The show "The Hunt" will be on the History Channel every week.
          Any hunting or fishing show on at prime time is a great victory over the PETA lovers.


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            Naked and Afraid is the only one I watch. Bear Grylls needs to go naked for 21 days.




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