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I read an article in outdoorlife saying it was bad to have a minimum age in which kids can hunt. It said that it should be up to

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    JM confusing movies and video games as some form of reality is a serious problem that prevents the proper maturing of young minds. The solution is to get their arses outdoors doing some wholesome challenging activity that will help them man up or woman up whichever is applicable. Hunting leads that list.
    Enough with all the nanny thinking already.


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      Charlie Elk and land_cruiser_73 both make good points, and, just to be clear, I don't support minimum age requirements, per se.
      As I stated in my previous post, I think the only fair way to do it would be to have kids take a test to determine readiness, and if a 10 year old passes, but an 18 year old fails, well that's what you would have the test for.
      I don't see anyone here whining about everyone's freedom being taken away because kids have to take the Hunter Safety Test before being able to hunt at all, or everyone having to take some kind of a driver's test before getting a driver's license, but my idea would be pretty much the same principle.


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        Here in canada you have to be 12 to hunt at all and 18 to hunt alone


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          I don't think that age alone is the indicater of how well you can handle yourself with firearms.

          Like many other things in life, it is the training that you receive which can help make you more proficient, along with the experience that time will bring.





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