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Sorry about the category. Really wish there was an other, for questions like this. Time for my annual Halloween question. Do you

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  • Sorry about the category. Really wish there was an other, for questions like this. Time for my annual Halloween question. Do you

    Sorry about the category. Really wish there was an other, for questions like this. Time for my annual Halloween question. Do you have a spooky story, about the outdoors or otherwise, true or made up, please share. My children love this.

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    Was scary too me. One night my friend camped out(in a closed up tent). When he woke up everything in the tent was gone besides him and his sleeping bag and tent was still zipped up. Was on my farm so when he got back told me/we checked the tent and there werent any holes in it so idk what happened =o


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      Had an owl about 6 ft above me one morning. I got in my stand and was sitting their quietly and all of a sudden it whooood and I nearly jumped out of the tree!


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        pjsabella, your story was pretty funny. It reminds me of a time I went squirrel hunting with my younger brother. We were deep in the woods, waiting for it to get light enough to see, when all of a sudden it sounded like twenty coyotes started yipping and howling really close by, and I mean really close. Talk about a start. That will get your blood pumping first thing in the morning. Like to thank you and JM1993 for the stories.


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          Mesarich, I'm sorry I missed this for Halloween, but I've been having network problems.

          Anyhow, you don't have to go far in the Deep South to find a place that is supposed to be an old slave graveyard, and sure enough, on my property there is a ridge known as "Graveyard Ridge" and there are supposed to be several burial sites there, even though there is no evidence of them.

          About fifteen years ago I was trying to roost a flock of turkeys and had slipped off down to where Graveyard Ridge dropped down into a creek bottom with lots of beech trees and spruce pines which are a favorite roosting tree for turkeys. The sun had dropped below the horizon and the evening got cooler and darker---a barred owl hooted a couple of times down in the creek bottom---everything normal.
          Back up on the hill behind me, I heard a low moan or groan but it was so indistinct I couldn't really tell what it was, but it got my attention. After a few seconds I heard what sounded like a child, saying, "Oh----oh---oh---oh," like its heart would break. Like to have scared the water out of me and made the hair stand up on the back of my neck.

          I don't believe in 'haints' and I had a loaded shotgun, but I still went down into the hollow and crossed the branch and went to the road on the next ridge and walked the long way back to my Jeep. I still don't know what I heard, and nobody has claimed responsibility for it as a joke. I hunted the same place many times since and had no other experiences like that, but I still get a little skittish and listen a little bit harder when I'm there.


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            pineywoods, great story. Thanks for sharing.




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