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I am a new hunter and I have a 3 part question for everyone. The first is, what would be a decent centrfire rifle for Moose hun

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  • I am a new hunter and I have a 3 part question for everyone. The first is, what would be a decent centrfire rifle for Moose hun

    I am a new hunter and I have a 3 part question for everyone. The first is, what would be a decent centrfire rifle for Moose hunting that is reasonably priced? I was wounded in Afghanistan in 2007 and have not been able to work since. Financial consideration is very important. Part 2 involves hunting strategy. I can walk short distances etc, do moose or big game in general stay in heavy cover or would I expect to see them in varying areas and structures? And 3, are there organised hunts in North America for people with mobility disabilities like mine? Any advice you can offer is really appreciated. AL

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    You can't go wrong with the 30-06 for an all around game cartridge. It is a very popular cartridge and can be found in a large variety of rifles second hand, even new there are manufacturers that sell them for under 500 bucks. As for finding big game, that really depends on your location, keep in mind if you will be hunting moose or bear they are large animals and the work really begins after the shot. I know of many people that have shot deer close to old tote roads and logging roads. All it takes is finding the right spot, not everyone has to be out in the back country to have success. I'm sure there are organized hunts out there, I just personally don't know of any, if you search around I'm sure you can dig something up.


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      Thank you for your service, I am grateful to you. A 30-06 would bde an excellent choice as Yoda stated. I would start out hunting deer and in your case scouting will be very important not only from a walking standpoint but also the retrieval of your game. You can find whitetail deer in many different habitats if you are patient and look for them at different times of day.


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        Thank you both for your advice, I think you're right, start small and see how it goes. Thank you again.




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