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How many of you give thanks to your higher power when your at your peak of emotions when out hunting? I was taught the creator c

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  • How many of you give thanks to your higher power when your at your peak of emotions when out hunting? I was taught the creator c

    How many of you give thanks to your higher power when your at your peak of emotions when out hunting? I was taught the creator comes first & i feel it shouldnt be a law that you must pray while hunting, but you are missing out if you dont make that conection.

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    I come from your school of thought DJH. Though I'm not Native American my thoughts are Native American. We should give thanks to the Creator (or whoever it is you believe in) and the animal that gave up its life so you may continue your life.
    Well, that's my thoughts on DJH's question. To each his own.
    Happy Hunting!


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      I always thank the LORD each time I'm out. I always give a special "thank you" prayer when I have success. I think it would be weird if you didn't feel that way.


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        The forest, fields and waters are my cathedral. I have long and frequent monologues with H.P., all the time remembering that when I talk to God, it's prayer, but when God talks to me, it's schizophrenia.


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          I agree with pineywoods, the woods are my holy place. I feel calm and at peace when I am out hunting. There is a feel to the woods, that you are not alone, that a higher power is with you.


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            Thanks for the feed back, even though we all are just humans, we are really just spirts having a human view of things right now. When you hunt with your spirit you are lifted into a realm of timelessness where all things are blocked out but nature. All feelings are num but the feeling of something helping guide the animal closer is strong. You feel your spirit trying to jump out your heart when the buck (in rut) thats on a hot doe trail turns away for no reason & starts heading right in your direction. Your so foucused at the time you dont see, its all doings of the higher power until after you get your hands on the animal. Then thats when it flashes on you that your not alone, it wasnt your hunting skills, it wasnt your top of the line gun or bow, it wasnt all the years of hunting knowlege that turned the animal your way. Even Einstein and his Quantum Theory on randomness shows all things are in harmony and things work a certian way in this universe but sometimes things happen by pure randomness as if they was tuched by the hand of the creator. Thank you grandfather the glory of hunting is not mine but yours!!Thanks for all the happy tracks you let me leave on this earth!!!


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              DJH, I always approach fallen game with a measure of respect and awe. Otherwise, I am too busy praying that I won't miss to manage a spiritual communion. Mind you, I am a lot closer to what is fundamentally important about the hunt then those who brag about killing game at 800 yards. Any of those guys claiming to be connecting with what is of value in hunting are just being dishonest. Killing game without some sense of compassion may not be a sin but it shows something is missing in the makeup of the individual pulling the trigger.




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