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My brother is wanting to get a deer rifle. We were thinking about just getting it in 30-06, because then we would all have the s

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  • My brother is wanting to get a deer rifle. We were thinking about just getting it in 30-06, because then we would all have the s

    My brother is wanting to get a deer rifle. We were thinking about just getting it in 30-06, because then we would all have the same calibers and the same ammo. We hunt deer mainly, but would like to go on to larger game such as elk,moose,bear,etc.. so what do you think would be a great caliber,AND gun(brand,model) for him to get? ALSO,he is on a low budget,so up to $400 max not including scope.

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    That would be a great caliber it is very versatile and can reach out there for the type of game you are shooting definitely. You can find plenty of great used rifles out there in the 300-400 range, if you aren't including a scope in the budget. It also makes sense to get one if everyone else is, he'll be able to bum ammo off of ya come hunting season lol.


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      haha thanks


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        Have a serious look at the Weatherby Vanquard, and Mossberg brand of firearms. I'd insist on a 24" barrel length, especially if handloading is planned somewhere down the line. Plus, stainless is a good way to go, especially if where you're hunting the weather tends to be inclement. And - stainless barrels are generally about 10% more accurate than their rust prone counter-parts.

        Some of the Mossberg offerings come with 24" barrels, *AND* standard iron sights (!), which I'm always partial to in the event a scope gets disabled on an extended hunt somewhere in the remote wilds and the next bush plane is a week away. It's all about thoughtful planning.

        The 30-06 Calibre, great choice always with excellent ammo availability whether it's factory issue or by careful handloading. Good luck..!



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          Check out a Stevens or a Savage or a Mossberg. The 30-06 is a great caliber, and if you hand load it can serve for more than just big game. Also check your local gun shops for something used you might find a rifle with a good scope on it.




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