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So I always see hunting shows on TV where there are the people on the "pro staff" and the pro hunters so how does one go about b

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  • So I always see hunting shows on TV where there are the people on the "pro staff" and the pro hunters so how does one go about b

    So I always see hunting shows on TV where there are the people on the "pro staff" and the pro hunters so how does one go about becoming a pro hunter or a pro guide who has their own TV show and endorses hunting products? what are the steps necessary to be sponsored by a hunting gear company? is this a part or full time job?

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    I do not have the answers to this question bigbuck96 but I would like to make a comment. When most of us are young we look to get a job where we don't have to work too hard and still get paid well. With time as a teacher, we come to realize that loving what you do makes your job a dream. I would say any job in which you get to play for living is worth pursuing so you are on the right track. Regardless, I don't believe success can be achieve without hard work... that is a fixed component. It is just how you engage in that work that counts. Apart from the fun aspect of hunting for a living, I would say you need to be a well spoken, well educated and dependable individual with a thorough knowledge of the outdoors to be in the running. I would hope some of the writers and editors of Outdoor LIfe would respond to your question. It would be interesting reading for all of us on the forum. I would be curious to hear about their backgrounds and paths that brought them here.


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      Or the quick way is to get a hot chick to hunt with you. Seriously, if you look at the odds of playing in the NFL, then divide it by at least 10. You have to have something unique and sellable. Then you need to know it inside and out.


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        It seems like I heard at one point that you can apply to be a pro staffer at these outfits. If you succeed in becoming a pro staffer they will send you some swag. You in turn need to take alot of photos & videos of your adventures and turn them in. This is of course on a voluntary basis, meaning no money when you first start out.


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          Luck is your best bet unfortunately. There are countless individuals that are trying to make it in the outdoor industry, it has realy turned into a wannabe rockstar industry. If you have a talent and a very good one not just that you can shoot bullseyes with your bow from 75yrds more often than not then you are a step ahead, add personality and your on your way. The next step is money then getting your name out there or vice-versa. I'm not sure why you would want your own show other than fame, but all power to you. If your looking for adventure try getting into guiding which will be much more rewarding than relying on those 170+ class bucks to put the food on the table, and this will get you further in your quest of hunting & adventure!




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