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So i was looking through some work of a taxidermist and i noticed a section with weird animal mounts like a squirrel drinking be

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  • So i was looking through some work of a taxidermist and i noticed a section with weird animal mounts like a squirrel drinking be

    So i was looking through some work of a taxidermist and i noticed a section with weird animal mounts like a squirrel drinking beer, a raccoon in a little canoe with a paddle, a bunch of different animals in "funny" positions. I was just wondering if anyone else found it very disrespectful to the animal to mount it like that? i mean the animal was killed and i can understand a good, respectful mount but that is just disrespect to a beautiful animal that was killed.

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    I think that all started with the jackalope. In my opinion it is meant in good fun and not as an insult to the animal. Therefor it really does not bother me. I do think sometimes it can be carried to far.


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      If that is the worst that an individual can come up with, society as we know it to be is just fine. The individual who feels no compassion for the needless death of an animal is the one to worry about. An sense of humor is best way of coping with all that does not fit in our modern, changing world. I went through University working on drilling rigs. I have fond recollection of drinking at a bar with my rig crew in the Northern Alberta town of Beaverlodge. When you work that hard and get a chance for a break with a trip to the bar, you know that you are going to have a great time. You are going to have a great time, no matter who is there or what the place looks like! Well, this place got my immediate attention. The walls were filled with the worst examples of taxidermy that I had ever witnessed. Bug-eyed critters with hides that suffered a vasaline or Brylcreem overcoat 50 years ago stared at me from every wall. As the night continued the girls got to looking better and better and the laughs at the wild company just got louder. None of that laughter could have been misinterpreted... there was no disrespect or cruelty implied. It remains a fond memory to this day.


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        I agree with mesarich. I see it as a harmless joke but it can be taken too far. I dont see anything wrong with the examples you had in your queastion.


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          It seems to me that using the parts of the animal we don't eat as art is better than throwing it in the dumpster. And as always, art is in the eye of the beholder, or maybe the beerholder in Kody's case. Who are we to judge?


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            Humor is everywhere if you just look. I don't see it as a matter of disrespect. I saw one once that was a deers rear end mounted on a wall. I laughed at it since it cant be serious all the time.


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              That kind of taxidermy doesn't bother me. What does rub me the wrong way is for someone to put dark glasses on a deer head and hang a hat/pool cue on the rack. That, to me, is disrespecting an animal that was thought enough of to be mounted in the first place. The heads I have on my walls are there to respect the animal and bring back the good memories of the day and everything surrounding the taking of the animal. It just irritates me to see others throw away those memories and belittle the animal. That said, there's nothing wrong with a bullfrog playing a banjo.


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                i guess the picture of a bunch of dogs playng cards and smoking cigars is disrespectful of mans best friend ? lighten up big buck ,the curios of life are meant to bring a grin to faces and should'nt be dwelt on to heavily




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