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Can a single shot 12GA be tapped for a muzzle loading breach plug for black powder application.

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  • Can a single shot 12GA be tapped for a muzzle loading breach plug for black powder application.

    Can a single shot 12GA be tapped for a muzzle loading breach plug for black powder application.

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    If I recall correctly, you can begin your investigation with either Dixie Gun Works, or Track of The Wolf - but you may need to order an oversize plug to fit the chamber, and the real problem will be that you're then dropping your charge and powder into that oversized chamber (with no shotshell to contain it, but your forcing cone remaining in place, your chamber is larger than the bore.) So, you've got a extremely dangerous situation when you touch one off because blackpowder doesn't like any air space and has a tendency to make firearms turn into rather energetic splinters of wood and shards of metal with nothing to slow them down really except more air and then your face. Unless you also sleeve the inside of the chamber up to the forcing cone, and even then I'd probably have to shoot it from a safe distance propped in a tire with a string a few times. Really, if it were me, I'd probably just order the new already-breech-plugged shotgun barrel from either of the above and go from there.




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