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Adjusting my O/U fit

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  • Adjusting my O/U fit

    Dove season will be here before you know it. I know last year the early Teal season(September) was a one and done for me but I have a new shotgun, son bought it for me for Christmas, and the fellas I hunted with last year are counting on me to come. It is again my first choice too so I need to shim but man it's too hot to mess with. Have till September 1st and still have the mid August hickory nut/squirrel trip(s) going on. You guys mess with your shotgun fit? Do you think it makes a difference in how you shoot? IMG_2485.JPG

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    No sir!
    If I can't make it "fit" by length of the stock, I'm just lost! LOL!

    One of the few "good" things I learned worki g in a gun shop!

    "If you don't know what you're doing, leave it the hell alone!"

    "cast" and "drop" I just leave alone. LOP I can kinda work with.


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      Oh, theese shot-gun, she is pretty!

      Yeah, fit matters. Keep it simple, unless you have a British accent and a lilting way about you.

      Make sure it's set up for right handed if you're that way, and pattern the gun. Mount and shoot. Or get some if those tracer wad shells, shoot trap or clays.

      If you're shooting under it, flatten out the stock. Right or left, you need more cast.

      Find a high school trap coach, see it he'll let you point your shotgun at his face (yeah, really). At least in my neck of the woods, they are the closest we have to a professional fitter available.

      Me, I found a shotgun brand and fit that worked (Beretta) and stuck with that. Practice is the key, good luck with ammo.

      I'm an old fashioned guy, but I do love those new fangled Benellis.


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        Amflyer wrote:

        "... Or get some if those tracer wad shells, shoot trap or clays. ..."

        Jiminy cat whiskers, amflyer!
        Never knew about the "tracer wad" thing!
        Thank you!
        My pathetic wingshooting might even improve! LOL! (maybe?)


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          If you make a change let us know how it works out. I’m still considering another upland gun of some sort, just not sure what way to go.


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            It comes with all the shims and spacers so all I need is time and weather to cooperate. (For a little under $3,000 it better huh). Shells are everywhere, not a problem to find. Google a Benelli 828U. More features than I care to explain. Still, wish it were the 20ga.


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              Using a bore laser and a barn wall I put the smallest cast off shim on and I believe I'm spot on.




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