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Beretta A400 or Browning silver field

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  • Beretta A400 or Browning silver field

    Son wants to buy me a shotgun. Price is not a consideration, nor is being the more expensive a bonus. So, which would you want?

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    Write "Be" on one side of a quarter and "Br" on the other.
    Flip the quarter five (5) times, recording the result each time.
    First "3" wins.
    If you're happy with the result, go with the winner.
    If not, go with the loser!


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      Now I have 5 to choose from IMG_2240.PNG IMG_2239.PNG IMG_2237.PNG IMG_2238.PNG
      You do not have permission to view this gallery.
      This gallery has 1 photos.


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        Never heard of a 5 sided quarter? LOL!


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          First question is what's it going to be used for?

          I have an Instinct L in 20ga I bought for grouse and woodcock, no complaints at all. Much nicer handling than the Silver Reserve it replaced but not near as nice fit and finish as a Beretta 686 I had coveted. I'm over the Beretta, too much money for me to beat up on it for the few occations I actually get out with the dogs. I picked up the Franchi for $840 new, out the door.

          Uplands or clays I'd go O/U. Dove gun semi auto.

          Semi auto in Wood/Blued probably the Benelli, synthetic the A400. Again depends on what you plan to use it for.


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            FITCH: 20 years ago when my son moved to Kalifornia he begged me to let him take my much loved AL390. Sometime later he needed quick cash and as he couldn't find any time or place to go hunting he sold it. He's felt guilty ever since. I don't NEED another shotgun but he wants to "make it right". Says he learned that from me. I don't hunt Michigan any more so pheasants, grouse, woodcock off the table. The duck hunting this year convinced me it's not me thang either so doves & crows with maybe a turkey or 2 is about it. I don't shoot clays here because the guys that run the range are d###heads on a good day, and they ain't had one yet. So it's basically a "I love you dad" Christmas present.
            Say, have you started loading yet?


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              I GOT IT DEWMAN!
              Get a photo of the Pentagon and tape it to the wall, label the five sides, then throw darts at it until you're happy with the outcome! 😬!

              Turkey and dove?
              I'd opt for a shell shucker.


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                Originally posted by FirstBubba View Post
                I GOT IT DEWMAN!
                Get a photo of the Pentagon and tape it to the wall, label the five sides, then throw darts at it until you're happy with the outcome! 😬!

                Turkey and dove?
                I'd opt for a shell shucker.
                Boy, you ain't right.🤦🏻‍♂️


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                  I'd lean Benelli then, but it would probably be best if you could actually get as many of them in your hands as possible before deciding. I guess that may be problematic considering the current situation. Any idea how close the A400 is to the AL390 in feel? That could sway things dramatically.

                  I just spent about 4 hours running a bunch of .270 brass through the sizing die then trimmed to length and deburred them plus cleaned the primer pockets. Over the last week or so I've done the same with .243 and .22-250 cases. I haven't counted but over 200 total and I have a pile of 7mm-08 brass to go. I'll run the .270 stuff in the tumbler tomorrow night while working on the 7-08. Once the brass is prepped I'll sort out what I want to use to work up loads with and get them primed. I've been looking at load data and have a few ideas where I want to start but I'm not in a huge hurry to seat bullets because the weather isn't looking like it wants to cooperate with shooting anytime soon. I definitely want to use my chronograph with factory ammo to get some kind of baseline and be comfortable enough to not be in a rush when shooting.


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                    Originally posted by dewman View Post

                    Boy, you ain't right.🤦🏻‍♂️
                    Never claimed to be a Rhodes Scholar or a Mensa
                    candidate dewman! LOL!

                    All in good humor sir, but I was being honest
                    with my assessment of the situation.

                    First, wish I had attempted to right some
                    of the wrongs I did to my dad as a super intelligent teen! 🤔!
                    Second, for dove and or turkeys, I would go with a semi auto or pump. That third round may make a difference.

                    BTW! Throw those darts at the Pentagon blindfolded!
                    The side collecting the most darts wins!

                    Remember Occam's Razor. "Sometimes, the most obvious answer is the correct one!

                    I know that whatever you decide will please him. My kids do the "Boss" and me the same way occasionally.
                    "Which ever one you want! (mom/dad)!"
                    Some are easy. Some not so easy!


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                      I'm not much for shotguns and all I've got is an 870 Express and a single shot. But for dove and crows I suggest one of the semi-autos. It'll also be a little easier on your shoulder. Of those listed, I'd go with the Benelli.


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                        As you know, I am not a gun man, but I look at things that make the eye feel good, the same with my thoughts on recurves. And that Beretta sure looks good. Not as good as a model 12 Winchester, but still darn nice. I would even be happy to place one next to my stick thrower. It must be nice to have the ability to have to make such a ‘difficult’ decision.......poor, poor you !!


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                          Bhr! How's goes the "Great Escape"?


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                            I have the Browning Gold I use for everything and I like it. A lot of value for the money.


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