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Here is a question I asked once to a great wingshooter,Dad ,how do you shoot birds flushed in,and flying through the woods?

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    Originally posted by Outlaw View Post
    Never tried grouse much but we've got quite a few quail and woodcock here. I gotta say, I've had a few take off and come flying a couple feet from my face. Then I turn into a stumbling wreck and am lucky if I even got a shot off, let alone a good one. Luckily though, they often don't go far and I can watch where they land, so when the dog puts them up the 2nd time I'm more prepared lol (if I miss the 2nd time that one deserves to keep living) And whether it's upland birds or wood ducks in the timber I just time shots like I would in a more open area, occasionally I'll hit a tree but more often than not it'll make it. One of those subconscious things I guess.
    I spent many a hour slipping along the banks of Keechi Creek jump shooting woodies (we called them squealers!) in the bends and turns!

    Stumbled into a brand spanking new "Y" series Win M12.
    Bought it and a couple of boxes of high velocity 8's and headed out that afternoon.
    It was in the low 40's, cloudy and spitting rain.
    Easing up to my favorite bend first, I could hear them whistling.
    I assumed my best "station 3" pose and slowly eased forward.
    The BIGGEST trick was picking out the ducks to shoot so they fell either in the creek or on my side.
    Crossing the creek was tough and took up valuable hunting time! LOL!
    The splash of wings and rush of air thrilled me to no end and one little flashy drake came right at me!
    The M12 tracked him perfectly as he gained air and experience told me he would fall on my side of the creek.....problem was, he was right in my face.
    My mind kept telling me, "Don't shoot! Don't shoot!" ... but it didn't get to my trigger finger!
    I really felt bad. When I walked over to pick him up, all that was left was head, wings and feet!
    He was so close, the pattern hadn't opened up and had blown a hole you could have stuck a baseball through right through the breast!
    That gun was a beast!
    Oil worms ate it up!


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      Originally posted by bowhunter75richard View Post
      In answer to your question 6p, I have found the use of a gun to be the most handy ! I tried hitting them with stones, but never had much luck. But, I must say that I killed more trees with the gun than I ever did with stones. In all honesty 6p, although my memory is not all that good anymore, I can not recall ever hitting a damn grouse. I was a good wing shot on pheasants, but grouse were a far different bird when I was still a gun hunter ! I never did get to where their flush didn’t startle me too much, and never did figure out how they always knew which darn tree to duck behind. If anyone ever hit more than half a dozen of those little buggers, they should be in the Grouse Hall of Fame !!
      Lol,I don,t know where the stones came from,Treestand probably used them to flush birds,I kept young dogs on a tether with birds that had been dizzied,so I knew where they sat,taught the pup to hold through the flush. I do miss working the young dogs.




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