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My friend is interested in goose hunting with us next year and is in the market for a shotgun. He is a big guy and the 14 to 1

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  • My friend is interested in goose hunting with us next year and is in the market for a shotgun. He is a big guy and the 14 to 1

    My friend is interested in goose hunting with us next year and is in the market for a shotgun. He is a big guy and the 14 to 14.5 inch stocks on most shotguns just do not fit. A Baretta over and under worth over $2000 had a 15 inch stock that allowed his cheek and eye to find the right spot upon shouldering the shotgun. An autoloader at 1/2 the price with the same stock measurement is the answer. The question is do any of the major manufacturers of autoloaders make such a shotgun? Or, will it be a custom order?

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    They make shoulder pads/extended recoil pads for shotgun's that could add another inch or two, would this work?


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      Thanks JM, they do make a slip on that could extend the pull but I am not a fan of that idea. I makes a expensive firearm look like a work in progress. Perhaps they have improved that option since my previous experience so I will check, It would still be a clean and tidy option to have the right stock so I will keep looking


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        Kody, I agree with both you and JM. An extension would be the easiest fix, but you are correct in saying that they detract from the asthetic beauty of a fine shotgun.
        My question is: does it matter what a goose gun looks like? It's really just a work gun is it not? It is cold, wet and nasty. Three conditions I hesitate to bring anything but a work gun.


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          Add another inch or two? Jeezz, are we trying to fit the Jolly Green Giant? I have known very few people who had target guns that had a LOP of longer than 14 3/4, unless this guy has like 40" sleeves on his shirt, he should do very well with a field gun of no longer than 14 1/2".
          Pachmyer makes spacers that can be ground to fit that go between the pad and the stock, use as many as you like to get the desired stock length but remember that come winter when you are hunting and are all bundled up, you're going to have to mount this thing and all that length might be a problem.


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            Res1956, yes he is a big guy. When this fellow joins you in a vehicle he gets a front seat and that seat is slide WAY back. Anyone in that back seat is in for an uncomfortable trip. That over and under with the long pull was the only shotgun that his thumb would not have poked him in the eye upon recoil.
            Captain, damn you are the practical one. You know from past experience that I am not a fan of pure function firearms. They need to look good as well as shoot good! A farm boy would call that slip on recoil pad a firearm version of using binder twine to fix the combine. I will continue to see if anyone makes factory auto loading guns with the longer stock. Otherwise, I will see what kind of spacers can be inserted. If that looks too bad I will talk him into buying that fancy over and under and hope a big guy like him can handle the kicking from the heavy steel goose loads at 1700 fps... fps stands for Feeling Pain Severely. Those autoloaders sure suck up the recoil! Hope you are well and in a safe place these days Captain.


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              If he is that big an extension or using shims could help with the lengthbut wouldn't the drop at the comb still need to be adjusted considering his size? I think you will be looking for a custom buttstock.




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