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I was just reading the "Ask the experts" section in the March 09 issue and I did not know that you were not to shoot rifled slug

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  • I was just reading the "Ask the experts" section in the March 09 issue and I did not know that you were not to shoot rifled slug

    I was just reading the "Ask the experts" section in the March 09 issue and I did not know that you were not to shoot rifled slugs out of a rifled barrel. I was always told by other hunters and friends that if I shot a rifled slug out of a rifled barrel, that it would increase my accuracy and distance. Am I to assume that this is not true and that I may have messed up my slug barrel by doing so? Should I shoot sabots out of the slug barrel and should I shoot rifled slugs out of a smooth bore barrel? Now that I'm totaly confused, please let me know whats right. Thanks. G. Barkley

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    You will get better accuracy with slug barrel, BUT you can also lead it up which is not as easy to clean. Probably 30 years or so ago, I kept mercury,(yeah I know it's toxic to the environment, but back then it was not a big deal) to get the lead out of my gun barrels. (You can't do that now. I think if you even have pure mercury you can get in some kind of trouble with either the feds or the local Haz-Mat people.) It's just harder to clean your barrel now when you use rifled slugs. If you don't get it scoured completely out, you lose accuracy. That's why, if you sabots, you get no leading, cuz the lead slug doesn't touch the barrel, just the plastic does and it should clean out pretty easily.
    Another advantage of the sabots is if they are lighter than the regular slug, you get a higher muzzle velocity. Higher muzzle velocity translates to a flatter trajectory. Flatter trajectory, all things being equal, translates to greater accuracy, which should mean more meat in the freezer.

    I have tried shooting slugs out of a non-rifled barrel. The accuracy that I obtained was only at point blank range,to say "marginal" is being kind, anything beyond 30 meters was a gift if I hit it. Whereas with the rifled barrel shooting rifled slugs, I could chew a paper plate up at 100 yds consistently, No MOA stuff, but good enough for 100 yds or less to kill anything that needed to be killed. and that was using a 20 ga Mossberg pump.


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      The problem with shooting rifled (forster) slugs from a rifled bbl. is that the rifling on the slug is counter to the rifiled bbl. This causes greater fouling of the bbl,thus greater inaccuracy.Sabot slugs thru a smooth bore bbl. do not spin (twist)as they exit.This is like lobbing a piece of lead.It will go only a short distance before it becomes grossly inaccurate.A good 12 gauge smooth bore using a good quality rifiled slug can be accurate to 40-50 yards with a good shooter.


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        Use sabots out of a rifled barrel. The box will tell you if they're sabots or not. You didn't hurt your barrel you just may need to clean it.


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          You should shoot sabots from a rifled slug barrel and rifled slugs thru a smooth bore barrel.

          If you're worried about fouling, you should invest in a good copper and lead solvent.




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