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Three of my four children (ages 5,7,9) are able to harvest a buck under PA's mentored youth program. I do not know of a gun that

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  • Three of my four children (ages 5,7,9) are able to harvest a buck under PA's mentored youth program. I do not know of a gun that

    Three of my four children (ages 5,7,9) are able to harvest a buck under PA's mentored youth program. I do not know of a gun that would meet the regulations to harvest a buck, and at the same time be "small enough" for them to not get scared of the recoil on their first time hunting. I was leaning toward a .223 or .243, but I'm not sure if these are small enough for my children, can someone help me?

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    If you can get a gun chambered in .223 on an AR frame, the Remington R15, comes to mind, it should be light enough recoil for even a small child of the ages you mention. Any reliable brand weapon with an AR frame should work. I don't remember any recoil to speak of in shooting that particular gun, an M16A1. When I was in Basic Training in the Army, they made a big deal about there being no recoil. The range officer stood up and pointed his weapon down range and shot the weapon as he held it against his crotch. That is one of the few things I remember from Basic. It was only been in the early 70's and I have slept since then.


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      I dont know if I can even follow such a orignal comment like that BO.:] So I'll just put up a link of the gun BO was talkig about. & I say this all with a smile!


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        I did not know you could shoot big game with a calibre under .243. In most provinces in Canada you can not as it is assumed the bullet is too small to make an effective kill. Dropping from a 100 gr bullet to one around 55 gr would suggest there is some basis for concern.
        I thought one of the considerations in moving away from the 7.62 MM (.308) battle rifle, and shelving the M1A for the M16 in 5.56 mmm (.223) was that a wounded enemy soldier took his comrades away from the field. Perhaps I am misinformed in that regard but it as it is a favorite gopher round in most places I don't see using it on deer.
        I have said before that just because big game can be taken with a small calibre doesn't serve as much of an endorsement for its general use. The massive moose displayed many years ago in Robert Service's cabin was killed by a native lady with a .22 fired from the window of her cabin. Sure it put down the moose but 99% of the time there would have been a wounded and suffering animal at the receiving end. Not good!


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          Opps! I wasn't trying to make a point by doubling up .. I just don't know what I'm doing... anyway how about that new Remington round in the AR frame...that is a stubby .308 with something like a 125 gr bullet. Might be worth checking out!


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            I have several acquaintances who use the AR-15 in some form or another for deer. It is legal in Oklahoma as long as it has a bullet at least 55 grains in weight. the people I know who use them swear by them. I am not a big fan of the AR platform so I wouldn't but if it works for someone else, I say go for it.




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